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Ladies and Gentlemen! Esteemed members of cultured society! We, the Wayfarers of Eastern Regalia, present to you the grand opening of the Summer Festival of 303 AC! Fun, festivities, and endless excitement await you for the next two weeks as our people present to you the best hospitality a tribe of our sorts can offer! When the conclusion of the festival is met, we will be celebrating the Emperor’s most holy of seasons with a grand ball held in what was once a charred skeleton of a district.

Come celebrate with us, people of Regalia! We eagerly await your presence!

July 5th – July 19th

Scheduled Activities

  • Body Auction: July 10th, 12 PM (Noon) PST. Sign Up Thread.
  • Noble Ball: July 11th, 12 PM (Noon) PST. Nobles and members of Regalian aristocracy are encouraged to attend this ball for a healthy dose of intrigue and shade.
  • Commoner Ball: July 18th, 12 PM (Noon) PST. Anyone and everyone is invited to attend this grand ball, concluding the Summer Festival at the newly-refurbished burn district cathedral!
  • Unarmed Tournament: July 11th, 3 PM PST. Unarmed tournament for fighters to win their claim to fame, and epic prizes. Sign Up Thread.
  • Traditional PvP Tournament: July 18th, 3 PM PST. Traditional tournament to win their claim to fame, and epic prizes. Sign Up Thread.

Unscheduled Activities

  • Mob Arena: Fight against our ferocious beasts in these impromptu PvE combat events.
  • Trading Booth: Come by to receive one of a number of unique lore items, kissing tickets, or great items other folks have traded! Blue-tarp tent!
  • Kissing Booth: Staff will occasionally host ticket drops for members of staff. Users are welcome to enter the booth IC and offer kisses to passers by.
  • Archery Range: How fast can you shoot the targets? Hit up the NPC out front.
  • Bat-Bapping: Can you bat the bats in time? Great prizes for winners!
  • Fortune-Telling: Come IC to tell fortunes. Otherwise, fortunes will be periodically offered by the Mysterious Dr. Fong.
  • Barber Tent: Get a haircut or hair dye on your character’s skin from Plecy, Green_Hood, or MrHappyTinkles!
  • Art Tent: Get a one-of-a-kind commission of your character by Annju, Finn_Ish, or Gabriel!
  • Maze: Get lost in our mysterious and enticing maze!
  • Checkers: Move the pieces on the board and play your friends… or your foes!
  • Dunk-a-Qadir: Those dirty nasty Qadir have caused enough ruckus here! Dunk our NPC or dunk your friends!
  • Vending Tents: Buy unique goods from some NPC locals.
  • Quests: Tons of quests going about! Can you complete them all?
  • Festival Tavern: Inside the PvE arena, bartenders can sell special Summer Festival tavern drinks. Get yours while supplies last!
Festival grounds are just north of the Burnt District, or you can take the caravan down the street from spawn! Can’t wait to see you there!​