Welcome to The Summer Food Festival!
You and all of your friends are invited to this big celebration where food will be served in huge amount to everyone who wants it. This festival is held in the honor of summer and the food that the harvests brings. All kinds of food will be available, melons from the jungles of Daendroc to fresh apples and grilled meat from Ceardia. The food will be free and you will be able to eat it together with all your friends and companions. There will be music playing and room for dancing and singing.

And if you are feeling generous you can bring your own food to the festival and share it with others. Remember that the food is not limitless but it will be handed out as long as there is food in stock.

The festival will be held at Lukkerdam since it’s been abandoned and there is now a lot of room there to host such a festival. On the date of the festival the portal next to the City Hall in Silver Edge will open to allow fast travel to the festival area.

I hope to see you on this special celebration.
Regards The Mayor of Silver Edge.


This event will be held at 2012-07-27 (note:  the date might change so stay updated) and will be active for several hours during the day.
Keep in mind that this is a ROLEPLAY based event. If you don’t wish or like to roleplay we advise you to not take part in the event. But if you want to try or just really like to roleplay you are more than welcome to join the event and take part of the conversations and celebrations.

A few tips on roleplay:
You are not allowed to break any server rules just because you are roleplaying.
So no swearing, sexism or racism in chat and all that.
Remember to use the s: y: and w: chat channels.
You should not
use /msg f: a: or g: to roleplay.
Try to stay in character as much as possible and remember to let everyone roleplay. Roleplaying is at its best when everyone has a chance to take part in it.

There is a timer in the sidebar to the right that shows you
how long it’s left to the event starts.