This will be the first post of a new weekly experiment. What we want to do is provide the players with a week by week update on what has changed/been added/removed to the server. This is still in experimental status, so it may be ceased at any time, but it may also be continued, so bear with us.

Past week changes: 

  • Luukwullink is no longer an admin
  • Lukkerdam has been dissolved
  • Vampire plugin nerfs
  • Deadbolt issue fixing
  • Small downtime
  • Bugfixing
  • MonMarty is now an admin
  • New policy on peacefull/permanent faction setting

Luukwullink is no longer an admin
After some internal deliberation, a small mis-communitcation was made and Luuk had all his permissions stripped and Lukkerdam reverted to a regular player faction. Despite giving Luuk the opportunity to discuss and apeal the decision and regain his powers, Luuk decided that he was not interested in this and severed all ties with MassiveCraft. While we regret that Luukwullink will not be back, it is not an issue to dwell on too much as we must work more to improve the server.

Lukkerdam has been dissolved
After Luukwullink left Lukkerdam was dissolved. Igel_son has claimed a large portion of it as Safezone and MonMarty is changing another city once owned by them into a ruin faction. Anyone taking up land inside Lukkerdam will have their land removed as we will not give out creative created cities to players. Most areas made by Luuk will either be removed, sunken into the sea or moved somewhere else. Prospera will be the new city taking Lukkerdam’s place. We felt that Lukkerdam did not serve it’s purpose since a long time ago, and intend to revive this with Prospera. Prospera is intended to function as a server faction which allows free trade regardless of personal wealth, as well as fast travel for richer players. Future planning contains possible ventures such as investments, shares and possibly also a public library with the new Minecraft update in mind. Below is a picture of Prospera under construction.

Prospera under Construction

Vampire plugin nerfs
Alot of complaints were received by players who felt the vampire update had made vampires too strong. After some investigation by admins, it was concluded that this was correct and we have implemented the following changes and nerfs:

  • Vampires now run 2x as fast instead of 3x during Bloodlust
  • Vampires now jump 6x as high instead of 8x as high during Bloodlust
  • Holy water splash potions now range 6 blocks instead of 3

This change aims to make vampires more vulnerable and less “Lagg invulnerability cheating” by making them easier to hit with conventional weapons and holy water.

Deadbolt issue fixing
Deadbolt has been replaced by Lockette. You can expect some major changes with this update as we feel they are beneficial to the server:

  • Deadbolt was bugged in a way it enabled people to place locks on stuff they did not own in their faction, this is fixed.
  • Deadbolt’s expiry (after 20 days) was disabled due to being broken, and Lockette has no replacement so this stays the way it is
  • Chests can be “instant locked”  however doors, fence gates and hatches cannot be instant locked. They require a sign either above or in front of the door, and the placer must write [Private] and then press enter to lock a door or such.

Small downtime
The server experienced some small downtime during Monday night (european times) This was due to an unknown crash occurance and we could not reboot the server without a hardware restart done by the hosting company. A small rollback was the result.

We are currently working on trying to solve the issue of mob spawning. We realize this is a big issue, but the problem is alot larger then we thought it was, and finding the source of the problem has untill thus far failed. We are working on it every day, but we cannot really make much progress without the server being offline for lenghty amounts of time, so we will only be able to try and fix this in a slow pace.

MonMarty is now an admin
MonMarty has been promoted to admin on Tuesday for dedication and commitment to the community. He has taken lead over the new Prospera project together with rocketfuel501.

New policy on peacefull/permanent faction setting 
In the past it was possible to request peacefull or permanent setting to your faction for special reasons. Because a faction was caught abusing this in more ways then one, and because they did not actually do what they were supposed to do, we agreed that these settings will from now on be reserved to server factions. With server factions we mean factions that contain no players but exist to enhance or better the exerience on MassiveCraft like Silveredge and Prospera.

Plans for the next week
We are working on fixing the mob issue every day, but we cannot give an estimation when it will be fixed, we don’t even know what is causing the issue.