Past week changes:

  • Prospera shops sold out
  • El Creepado closed
  • 05rhardy new trusted
  • Reworking website
  • Continual bugfixing

Prospera shops sold out
Most of the district 1 shops of Prospera were already sold out within 2 days, but district 2 is also nearly sold out now (only one shop remains on the date of writing). We are planning to add district 2 and 3 at a later stage when MonMarty finds more time to sell the shops. Ship sales wil start opening soonish as well, but most of the ships will still have to be designed.

El Creepado closed
El Creepado (our second instance) has already been closed for a while, but has been officially shut down now due to griefing and bugs within the system. We do not know if this instance will be opened at some later stage, but we will at least try to make another instance that works.

05rhardy became a trusted
05rhardy is our newest Team member, he has recently become trusted and can be found during regular European hours on the server.

Reworking website
Recently we have been receiving complaints about how the website was unclear, and information was hard to find. We have started working streamlining the navigation on the website and centralizing more information under the header “information”. In the coming week these pages should start getting filled up and any information you would require for the server will be findable on the website.

Continual bugfixing
Cayorion is currently not around due to a short break, which means the current bugfixing is temporarily on hold. Rest assured however, we are continuing to work on fixing the bugs and issues that are present on the server, foremostly the mob issue that has been plagueing us for months already.