Put on your warm mittens and dust off your fur boots – it’s about to get snowy!

The MassiveCraft Staff are proud to announce the opening of the Winter Festival – this year’s festival is sure to be the greatest festival ever held on the server! Taking place in a custom-built wintery village in the wilds of Regalia, there will surely be no shortage of activities for players of all playstyles:

  • Over 20 holiday-themed quests – Will you be nice and bring happiness to everyone, or naughty and seek to destroy the holidays?
  • Events, events and more events – With redecorated event locations, arenas and monsters, compete for the chance to win awesome holiday-themed prizes!
  • PvP Tournament – Battle the best warriors the server has to offer to claim the title of the Winter Festival champion!
  • Roleplay events – Winter ball, special plays and more exciting and unique chances to show off that awesome roleplay character of yours!
  • Real-life competitions – Win great prizes by doing something outside of MassiveCraft such as making gingerbread houses!
  • 7 Rentable Cottages – Romantic and cozy cottages you can rent for an entire month!

You can reach the festival village by the cart from the front of the tavern or by typing /tp festival!

With the announcement of the festival, we would also like to declare our first competition!

Like, comment “Have a Massive holiday!” and share this post on your Facebook page to have a chance to win 1 Month of Premium for an account of your choosing! This competition will end at midnight on the 31st of December, 2015.

All festival-related fun will last from the 7th of December, 2015 up until the 7th of January, 2016. Refer to this calendar for more exact dates and times of events and happenings throughout the month!

Have fun and have a happy holiday! – The MassiveCraft Staff