Since this instance is so problematic, and many bans were served, I am going to write up a quick post on what happened, and the relative context with the rules.

As far as we are concerned, account hacking is not an issue to us. We are not Minecraft account police. If somene’s account gets hacked, we will not punish the hacker. We will only punish the hacker if he then starts actively breaking the rules, like griefing and faction disbanding, which is exactly what happened.

Phoenix_flare unclaimed all land owned by Zoor, causing one it’s prominent enemies to gather an army of griefers to destroy it. The excuse ushered was that this land was now wilderness, and since we take a lighter stance on wilderness griefing lately, it would be okay. This may be true, but this sort of behavior is not acceptable. All forms of griefing are still subject to rule #1. If your griefing is meant to disrupt or annoy other players, admins can and will still ban you for this behavior.

So remember, even though land is in the wilderness, any and all touching of blocks not belonging to yourself can still be subject to rule #1, if you are unsure about the concerquences of your actions, ask an administrator or moderator before doing it. Don’t be that guy