We are happy to announce that we have finally updated MassiveCraft to 1.9! The new version brings many new items and changes and this post will help you get started with exploring the new features and finding the items.

  • Texturepack – our old texturepack did not work with 1.9 so we made a new and updated version. Download it here!
  • Attack Speed: The Minecraft 1.9 slow attack speed is removed. Attacks are working like in Minecraft 1.8.
  • Attack Damage: Weapon damages have been reverted back to Minecraft 1.8 for the sake of gameplay balance.
  • Sword Swipe Attack: The swipe attack has been removed for the sake of gameplay balance.
  • Armor Durability: Armor protection will decrease as the durability decreases. This mechanic is too hard to patch. We have removed the x3 armor durability buff and are bringing the durability of other armor materials up to that of diamond armor. This is still a work in progress.
  • Ender Pearls: We will keep our own cooldown which is slightly longer than vanilla.
  • God Apples: We have added a custom crafting recipe to make this item. They are re-enabled and part of PvP again.
  • Chorus Fruit and Beetroot Seeds: We have added 2 custom vendors to get these items, find the shopkeepers under the Tavern in Regalia!
  • Dragon’s Breath and Lingering Potions: These are unobtainable for now.
  • Elytra Wings: We have added a crafting recipe to make this item. You will also be unable to use it when combat flagged.

Elytra craftGod Apple craft

Elytra: 8x Diamond Blocks + Feather        God Apples: 6x Gold Blocks + 2x Diamond Blocks + Golden Apple

On a final note – potions and shield-banners are currently bugged! If you move between worlds with potions or shield-banners in your inventory or backpack, the potions will turn to water and the shield-banners will reset! We are aware of this issue and are working very hard to fix this!

We hope you enjoy this new update as we’re still balancing it and working on making this the best experience for all of you.