We just updated to MineCraft 1.2.5 and updated all plugins 🙂

There is currently an issue for SpoutCraft users. If you get kicked from the server for flying, please use vanilla MineCraft till we fix the issues.

As our community gets better and more popular we get more attention. The attention from hackers and script-kiddies increase as well. With this in mind we in mind we installed a new plugin called xAuth that adds an ingame password layer. Use these commands:

  • /register <password>
    Sets your ingame password first time you visit the server.
  • /login <password>
    /l <password>

    Login using your ingame password.
  • /changepass <old password> <new password>
    /cpw <old password> <new password>
    Change your ingame password.
  • /logout
    Logout from your ingame session.

Oh… and check out this new awesome video by Ninjabaver: