One of our most controversial plugins is making a return – Vampires are back and the nights are no longer safe!

Our awesome Tech Staff have reviewed the plugin, re-balanced it for PvP and ironed out bugs that have occurred!

Here are some specifics regarding the changes:

  • Outside of Bloodlust, Vampires have Speed2, Jump1.
  • Inside of Bloodlust, Vampires have Speed2, Jump2 and a 15% increase in damage. (As opposed to the previously very over-powered 50%.)
  • You can now feed on all mobs with the exception of snowmen and wolves! (Vampires dislike wolf blood. Something about cholesterol.)

We hope you enjoy the return of this thrilling plugin and as always – if you find any issues, bugs or glitches with the plugin, make a Bug report here.

Vampires in the sewers.

Vampire plugin.