1047 days ago construction began on the Vivamus palace, Including the restoration of the Library of Aloria.
The palace contains good and evil altars, a meeting place for vampires or pure souls alike.
During contstruction, many treasures were accidentally left contained in chests. A total of 150 diamonds and much gold are missing from the record books. These are acceptable losses and will not be pursued.

It was discovered that the portal to the palace was destroyed, cutting off access to the interior.
A second portal to this building is believed to be active, leading to the house of the palace’s gardener Windiman.
This portal is believed to be hidden in the sewers under the Vivamus faction and efforts to find it have been unfruitful.

Public access to the sewers has been granted to help locate this hidden gateway.

At April 13th, 21:00 CET +1, the seach for the portal will begin. Anyone who finds the portal is free to explore the Vivamus Palace and take any lost diamonds and gold for themselves.