Due to changes in the Minecraft EULA, voting rewards have been brought back to the server. In light of this, John the Pious has finally closed up shop and has left to take care of his family after being away from them so long. It’s not so easy being an immortal, never moving NPC. Players are now able to gain rewards for voting for MassiveCraft on various websites.
If you haven’t voted before, it is quite simple. In game type /vote and click each green link one by one. Input your name and the captcha then click vote! You are guaranteed 10 regals per vote and then you have the chance of winning, even more, regals, lore items, and materials! You can do each site at least once every 24 hours.  The following websites give out rewards.
So go out there and vote for the server! Every little bit counts. For those of you wondering, we still have plans to bring in some really awesome rewards for voting on polls so keept spreading the word and telling your friends. Do the poll here!
As always from your friendly neighborhood staff,
Have a Massive Day!