Since the big Minecraft EULA (End User License Agreement) update by Mojang/Microsoft there has been many changes happening. As more information is made clear by Mojang themselves we get informed on what changes that need to be made. The most recent clarification by Mojang affect the way we give rewards to players that vote for MassiveCraft on server lists.

Mojang made the following statement in an email to us:
“If you give anything in return for voting for your server, such as “Vote tokens” or other items, the same restrictions apply as for hard currency (real money). Giving soft currency in return for voting is not allowed. You can, however, have a “vote goal” (similar to a donation goal) and give the same item/perk (cosmetic or not) to all players currently online (regardless if they have voted or not).”

For now we have removed the voting rewards completely to comply with the EULA but we are working hard to create alternatives to the previous voting rewards. A major update to our MassiveVote plugin is on the way but will take some time to finish. We also have a big collection of new daily quests on the way that you can do to earn Regals. To compensate for the loss of Regals we will add an NPC in Regalia that will hand out 100 Regals, to all players that click on it, once per day. This NPC is just a temporary solution and will be removed eventually. You can still vote for MassiveCraft on server lists to help the community grow. You will unfortunately not get any rewards for it (except for our massive gratitude and thanks).

We have also made a minor update to our premium membership allowing premiums to have 9 plots to build on in our creative world. Regular players only have 1 plot to build on. Our creative world have also been expanded with even more plots to build on. Read all about premium membership here.