The issue of server monetisation has emerged between Mojang, server owners, and players over the last month. Servers that use the Minecraft server software are not permitted to sell anything that Mojang has made. This was never fully enforced, and we have always had what we felt was a fair premium package. However, on August 1st Mojang will be enforcing their EULA towards all servers. We have been working over the last month to alter how we do things in order to become Mojang EULA compliant without degrading the player experience for MassiveCraft.

We want our players to know that the gameplay experience for MassiveCraft is the common denominator, and money is not. We enjoy spending our time finding ways to improve MassiveCraft in any way possible, and we feel that being EULA compliant is the best way for us to continue providing our players the experience they expect here.

As you may have noticed, we’ve made changes to our premium package that can be viewed on our premium page here, and has also been announced in the last news post here. These are the steps we’ve taken to become EULA compliant, among many others.