Weekend Roundup
Friday April 14th – Sunday April 16th
Role Play Events
A Grand Hunt  –  4/14/17   9pm GMT, 4pm EST
The Patriarchy Wins Again! – 4/14/17  11pm GMT, 6pm EST
House Vauclain Presents: Dragon Festival Day – 4/15/17 1 0pm GMT, 5pm EST
The Fashionista Dinner –  4/17/17  7pm GMT, 2pm EST
Minigame Events
In celebration of the release of Pack Isle, join game staff Sunday morning after you’ve found all your Easter eggs for a fun hunt of our own!
In addition – the Easter Bunny comes to Warrenord!  Sign on Sunday morning for the release of a special quest!
Stay in event chat all weekend long for surprise mingame events!
/c join e
As usual, KOTH will be running every three hours
1am/pm, 4am/pm, 7am/pm, 10am/pm GMT
MassiveMusic Weekend
It’s Work,Work,Work,Work,Work weekend! Share with the community the songs that get you in the zone! Fight songs, get up and dance songs, or just plain “Cool Guy Walks Away from Explosions” rock anthems!  Whatever music motivates you!
Beginning 4/14/17 before noon!
Join the MassiveMusic Community
Fun Stuff
News to Catch Up On
New Video
Check out the latest spotlight video exploring Job Isle! Premiering Saturday only at MassiveCraft’s YouTube Channel
Are you MassiveCraft’s next video creator?  Show up Michael Bay and create some videos with less explosions!  Video recruitment starts here!
Want to make sure your event or post doesn’t get missed by PR Staff? Use the post tag “Massive Roundup” to make sure we catch it!
Have an idea to bring to the server?  Read and post in the Feature & Idea Discussion area of the forum.
Have a Massive Weekend