Weekend Roundup

Friday March 18th – Sunday March 19th


Role Play Events
Minigame Events
Join Game Staff Saturday night between 1 and 3am GMT for a game!
The game time will be announced in event chat that night.  Make sure you’ve joined event chat!
Stay in event chat all weekend long for surprise mingame events!
/c join e
As usual, KOTH will be running every three hours
3am/pm, 6am/pm, 9am/pm, 12am/pm EST
MassiveMusic Weekend
It’s World Music weekend! Share with the community your favorite traditional music!  From irish jigs to kpop, time for an internationally fun time!
Beginning 3/17/17 before noon!
Competition Reminder
The Limerick Writing Competition ends on 3/20/17. Make sure you submit your entries!
Sturdy Walls Building Competition ends 4/5/17 – Start Building!
News to Catch Up On
MassiveMusic Tip: Those Woots and Mehs help the community know what you like to hear!