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This week, Direction focused on individual Direction amongst the staff and hosting meetings in preperation for Massive core completion, estimated to be completed tomorrow, with a rolling release within 2 weeks! 

  • LumosJared x7: Aspirants and meetings.
  • SpunSugar x2: Individual Direciton.

Game Staff focused primarily on training up the current members and overseeing an unusually large amount of tickets this week. Work toward the various Dungeons project, now undertaken by other departments as well, also occured. 

  • Falconhand x23: Rank 3 and system projects.
  • JoyShake x3: Speedrunning.
  • Talantius x3: Ticket and system training.
  • MadamAries x4: Event assistance.
  • Spectriel x23: Game Dept. Leadership Tasks, Training Rework, Tutorial Project management, Essalonian Revolution adjustments.
  • Sir_Daragon x6: General and help, tickets.
  • Siosie x8: Essalonia and other system managing.
  • Jaehaerys x13: Dungeons Quest.
  • Doriarky x13: Faction activity and training.
  • BlueChaos x6: Speedrunning and ticket training.
  • Sephite x18: Game Leadership, meetings, etc.
  • Dragonn x7: Speedrunning and ticket training.
  • Sevak x9: Massive Olympics and other topics.
  • Winterless x6: Rank 3 Projects and system management.
  • Kniferharm x9: Mobs and PVP system management.
  • CnocBride x1: Forum Streaming Applications.

This week, World focused on regalia builds and included here is some dated reporting on festival work. 

  • Bertramqaz x24: Various new map builds.
  • Patsie x6: Black Market.
  • Jaehaerys x3: World Restoration in Essalonia.
  • Timisc x8: Festival builds.
  • Mojaven x4: Wool Wars.
  • Yigit x3: World festival work.
  • SpunSugar x15: Festival work.
  • WaterDruppel x15: Summer Festival points.
  • EdnaMode x18: Tickets.
  • Bunemma x36: Completing tickets involving merging rents, changing wool colours, adding signs to notice boards, and other miscellaneous world questions.

This week, Lore focused on system management rolling out the WIS system. Lore writing and strides on the Metallurgy project were also taken. 

  • Rochelle_ x7: Character Sheets.
  • SupremeCripple x38: System Management.
  • LumosJared x6: System Manamgene.t
  • Havsbris_ x3: Storywebs.
  • BetaInsomnia x10: Processing.
  • Carlit0o x24: Character Sheets.
  • Eccetra x5: Tickets.
  • Athelois x8: Processing.
  • Katiesc x5: Tickets.
  • PapidaCarrot x7: Character Sheets.
  • HydraLana x10: Lore Writing, Metals, etc.
  • TheVigilantWolf x9: Character Sheets.

Festival wrapping and the occasional event in Regalia was the focus of event staff this week. Wools Wars also took center stage.

  • Bellarmina x8: House Bandit and Festival work.
  • Optimalfriskies x3: Event activity.
  • SpunSugar x9: Event work.
  • ZiggyStarDusted x1: Event acting and testing.
  • Ryria x3: Event Tickets and festival wrap ups.
  • Derpadillo x16: Wool Wars.

PR Staff focused heavily on external PR this week, including management of other sites and a few video projects. 

  • Seoulmate x6: Roundup.
  • SpunSugar x3: Onboarding.
  • RandomMinex x6: Video work.
  • BattleBrawn x3: Twitter Management.
  • KingPhoenix x7: PR system management.
  • Anarchizm x8: Guiding new Roleplayers onto the server from others and introducing them to Massivecraft. Working with new player base in General.

With a Massivecore completion coming this very weekend, and lots of external fixes to ensure a quick release to 1.13/1.14. 

  • RustyTrumbone x7:  Speaking with Game & Quest on details, implementing those specifics into actual code.
  • CS_Birb x7: MassiveShop and buy works. 
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