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This week, Direction focused on HR and various internal paperwork documents.

  • LumosJared x9: HR and Direction Paperwork Tasks.
  • MonMarty x43: June and Previous Projects, Paperwork Tasks.

This week, Game Staff focused on Essalonia Revolution’s wrap up, work on the Rift and regions projects, and internalized training projects. Work on the Dungeon System has also carried on.

  • GrumpyGirl314 x12:  Essalonia Revolution PVE mob spawning, Rift/regions work, and various PR/Admin documentation and assistance.
  • Kniferharm x5: PVE events.
  • Dragonn_ x7: Speedrunning and training.
  • Jaehaerys x11: Game Events and Leadership.
  • Siosie x5: Rank 3 Training.
  • Sephite x21: Game Leadership and Direction tasks.
  • Doriarky x23: Internal Paperwork and Staff Activity.
  • Spectriel x20: Various HR related tasks, Game Dept. Leadership Tasks, Training Overhaul, Blessed War Quests Coding
  • BlueChaos x4: Internal Documentation.
  • Talantius x8: Game work and Speedruns.
  • Kniferharm x5: Game Speedruns and additional work.
  • Sevak x13: Game Staff Internal Documentation.
  • Sir_Daragon x5: In-Game Assistance.
  • Cnocbride x4: Training and internal documentation.
  • Winterless x7: Game Staff Meetings.
  • Falconhand x14: Rank 3 Intro and Training.

This week, World worked on some upcoming roleplay and survival dungeons, as well as other spawn related projects.

  • WaterDruppel x7: Dungeon Nenya Builds.
  • Mojaven x1: World Tickets.
  • Pixycandi x8: Carl’s Project.
  • Jaehaerys x7: Essalonia Spawn.
  • Ednamode_ x4: Carl’s Project.
  • Yigit x15: Essalonia Spawn and other survival builds.

This week, Lore Staff focused on System Management, lots of progression posts, and spurring forward the WIS and Storyweb Systems.

  • Carlit0o x19: Character Sheets.
  • SupremeCripple x22: Sheets.
  • Caelamus x45: Character Sheets.
  • BetaInsomnia x14: Lore Writing.
  • HydraLana x10: Character Sheets.
  • Eccetra x5: Lore Tickets.
  • TheBioverse x22: Lore Writing, Various Tasks.
  • Jonificus x8: Character Sheets.
  • BillyTheScroofy x40: Lore Tickets and Otherwise.
  • Arendan x75: Character Sheets and Storyweb Writing.
  • MantaRey x12: Character Sheets.
  • PapidadaCarrot x35: Character Sheets.
  • Apath x5: RP Activity.
  • Finlaggan x4: RP Activity.
  • Rochelle x6: RP Activity.
  • Havsbris_ x6: RP Activity.
  • Arendan x2: RP Activity.
  • HydraLana x2: RP Activity.
  • MonMarty x55: WIS System Creation and RP Activity.
  • Athelois x7: Ticket Training.
  • Waterdruppel x8: Lore Processing.
  • Timisc x2: RP Activity.
  • Etrees x1: RP Activity.
  • Infinitum x3: RP Activity.
  • MantaRey x5: Progression Writing.
  • KatieSc x5: Lore Processing.
  • TheVigilantWolf x17: Lore Writing.

This week, Event staff started their first post-summer festival quests, as well coding for various game-related quest systems.

  • GrumpyGirl314 x8: Brie’s Tutorial book quest, Blessed War quest coding, and misc quest review and assistance.
  • Derpadillo x13: Quest Writing.
  • WrongChat x1: Event Acting.
  • OptimalFriskies x5: Event Setup and Writing.

This week, PR staff focused on bringing in new players and Factions announcement projects.

  • Pixycandi x12: Factions Announcements and Designs.
  • Battlebrawn x2: Event Acting.
  • Anarchizm x11: New Players.
  • Seoulmate x11: Weekend Roundup.

This week, Tech Staff worked on the Blessed War internal systems, and Massivecore, easily the largest and most complicated part of the 1.13 update, was completed.

  • RustyTrumbone x5: Blessed War and other Projects.
  • TheComputerGeek x10: MassiveCore Project Completion.
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