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This week, Direction focused on 1.13 primarily and Internal Paperwork.

  • LumosJared x7: HR, Individual Direction, June Project Wrap.
  • TheComputerGeek x21: Side Massive Plugin Development and System Wrapping.

This week, Game Staff focused on System related paperwork, restoration and administrative work, and training docs.

  • GrumpyGirl314 x26:  Essalonia restoration, regions, and general administrative activities.
  • Pomplemousse x6: Various Game Activities.
  • Ethibas x2: Training Documentation.
  • Sephite x9: Leadership.
  • Jaehaerys 14: Dungeons.
  • TinnyTine x9: Game Staff Work.
  • Doriarky x6: Faction Activity and Internal Docs.
  • Talantius x7: Game Tickets.
  • Spectriel x11: Game Dept. Leadership Tasks, Training Rewrites, various HR related tasks
  • Siosie x7: Game Systems.
  • JoyShake x2: Speedrun Training.
  • Sir_Daragon x4: Tickets.
  • Sevak x10: Write ups for PvP Tournament Massive Olympic sign up sheets and Massive Olympics scheduling and coordination.
  • Winterless x13: Hours of PVP restructure, various doc work.
  • Falconhand x3: Tickets, one restore and one Redstone legality question.
  • BlueChaos x3: Speedruns and Staff Docs.
  • Dragonn_ x13: Documentation, Speedrun, Team Building Assignments.

This week, World focused on a lot of new updates to Regalia and ongoing work with some to-be-released Dungeon RP Projects.

  • EdnaMode_ x7: Regalia Builds.
  • Patsie x4: Petal Court.
  • Mojaven x26: Petal Court and Estates.
  • Yigit x12: World Builds.
  • Jaehaerys x5: Essalonia Build.
  • Pixycandi x11: Regular progress with the elf dungeon thingy

This week, Lore Staff focused on Character Sheets and Processing. Tickets were also done in higher numbers than past weeks.

  • Apath x16: Sheets.
  • TheVigilantWolf x20: Sheets.
  • Arendan x23: Sheets.
  • Havsbris_ x6: Sheets.
  • LumosJared x9: Processing, Writing, Ops.
  • MantaRey x3: Sheets.
  • PapidaCarrot x12: Sheets.
  • Rochelle_ x12: Sheets.
  • BetaInsomnia x10: Processing and Sheets.
  • Athelois x9: Sheets.
  • Katiesx x6: Sheets.
  • TheBioverse x28: Sheets.
  • HydraLana x20: Lore Processing.
  • Caelamous x8: Sheets.
  • Eccetra x6: Tickets.

This week, Event staff focused on tickets and blessed war coding, as well as substantial quest code updating and training.

  • GrumpyGirl314 x16: Blessed War Quest Coding, Quest documentation, and torturing fellow staff members. 
  • Kniferharm x4: Event documentation.
  • Derpadillo x10: Coding, revising, testing
  • Bellarmina x3: Tickets.
  • Optimalfriskies x10: Event Writeup, Co-Hosting, Acting & Announcement.
  • ZiggyStarDusted x10: After training with Grumpy a few days back, I wrote out an entire dungeon that makes usage of the quest plugin to function to later be made to have code alongside it too.
  • Pixycandi x4: Cross-platform posts for Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook regarding our upcoming events.

This week, PR Staff worked on Twitter management and external post writing.

  • Seoulmate x8: Weekend Roundup.
  • AutoAmerican x2: PR writing.
  • Battlebrawn x7: Twitter Management.

This week, Tech Staff finally finished MassiveFactions internal updates, and development of chat based plugins.

  • TheComputerGeek x25: MassiveFactions completion!
  • Derpadillo x6: Continued development of detection and reporting of offensive comments in general chat.
  • RustyTrumbone x6: Tech and plugin implementations.
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