This week, Direction focused on Individual Direction and Paperwork, as well as Staff Apps and Server Emails, and Project Assigning. A few Projects to increase Staff Accountability while also implementing a rewards system was also designed this week.

  • LumosJared x3: Individual Direction and Staff Apps.
  • LumosJared x2: Changelog Structure and Paperwork.

This week Game focused on handelling the Duping Investigation, lots of Tickets, and some clean up jobs in Essalonia. Ban appeals were also handelled by the Game department this week. 

  • BlueChaos x6: Tickets and Essalonia Cleanup.
  • QGMK x24: Investigations and Tickets.
  • Jaehaerys x1: PVE Event. 
  • Falconhand x11: Ban Appeals and Tickets.
  • The_Fluorspar x26: Catch Up Reporting. 
  • Winterless x2: Tickets. 

This week, World began some polling and groundwork for V6 of Regalia, while also cleaning up parts of V5 and handelling interiors. Castles and Estates were also worked on. 

  • Bunemma x10: Event Assistance.
  • SpunSugar x11: World Poll, Event Setup.
  • WaterDruppel x6: Estates.
  • Pixycandi x24: Interior and Estate Work and Catch Up Reporting. 
  • Patsie x3: Wedding Event Assistance. 
  • Jaehaerys x8: Castles. 

This week, Lore handled the World System, specifically the Noble elements within and updates to the Ailor. Lots of Character Sheets and Tickets were also handled, as is tradition. 

  • BillyTheScruffy x9: Character Sheets and Noble DM System Management. 
  • WaterDruppel x6: Lore Processing.
  • Eccetra x12: Discord Tickets.
  • Katiesc x4: Character Sheets.
  • Athelois x2: Lore Tickets. 
  • MantaRey x5: Lore Progression.
  • Messtro x5: Character Sheets.
  • Birdsfoot_Violet x7: Tickets.
  • Mollymock x20: Character Sheets.
  • Arhbi x3: Character Sheets.
  • OkaDoka x19: Ailor Updates and Sheets. 
  • FireFan96 x5: Lore Sheets.
  • Caelamus x12: Character Sheets.
  • Bellarmina x13: Tickets.
  • Lumiess x11: Sheets.
  • Anarchizm x18: Sheets. 
  • LumosJared x2: Tickets. 
  • Fantuinn x22: Character Sheets and Events. 

This week, Quest focused primarily on Bugfixes. 

  • Derpadillo x10: Quest Writing, Bugfixing.

This week, PR focused on Writers and Artists’ spotlights, as well as a more substantive update to our Planet Minecraft Page. The Page can be viewed with this link!
(( ))

  • FlossyBerryRene x3: Writers Spotlight from Monday and Misc Tasks.
  • Pixycandi x29: Artist Spotlight and Screenshots and Catch up Reporting. 
  • Battlebrawn x3: PMC Update.
  • Hierophant x5: Tickets. 

This week, Tech started laying the groundwork for 1.16 and carrying on with 1.15, though the recent Duping Investigation demanded more attention than usual, slowing down 1.15 work ever so. Duping helps no one, folks!

  • XxXYaJrAbXxX x1: 1.16 Groundwrok. 
  • CS_Birb x18: See the Full Report Below.