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This week, Direction focused primarily on Individual Direction, HR, and pending large-scale Department redrafts. Stay tuned.

  • LumosJared x8: Financial Project and Individual Direction, Paperwork.

This week, Game staff handled a variety of systems.

  • Sevak x31: Game Reworks and Systems.
  • BlueChaos x14: Speedrun and Game Meetings.
  • Sephite x20: Game Department Leadership Tasks, Meetings, Assistance, Investigations, Ban Appeals.
  • Falconhand x11: Player thread restorations and meetings.
  • Spectriel x12: Game system and leadership management.
  • Sir_Daragon x11: Game systems and reduxes.
  • Pomplemousse x5: Game Settings and tickets.
  • Doriarky x34: Game Tickets, Systems, Training and protocols.
  • Talantius x13: Game tickets and training.
  • Dragonn_ x20: Game Tickets and system moderation.
  • Siosie x14: Blessed and System rework.
  • GrumpyGirl314 x9: Game Olympic Preperations.
  • CnocBride x34: Game Events and Documentation.
  • TinnyTine x5: Tickets.
  • Winterless x12: Game Systems and tickets.

This week, World focused on petal court additions and esallonia spawn work, as well as working with staff for WIS events.

  • Pixycandi x3: Essalonia Spawn redux.
  • WaterDruppel x4: Petal Court redux.
  • Patsie x3: Url Cavern.
  • EdnaMode_ x14: PetalCourt redux.
  • Yigit x4: Essalona Spawn redux.
  • Founa x4: World assistance.

This week, Lore Staff focused on writing new lore additions, Silven changes, and lots of WIS and Military progressions and events.

  • Jonificus x4: Lore Writing and processing.
  • WaterDruppel x4: Lore Processing.
  • BillyTheScroofy x9: Military War DM Progressions.
  • LumosJared x11: Storyweb Events and Lore Writing.
  • Katiesc x14: Lore processing.
  • Havsbris_ x11: Lore writing.
  • Eccetra x10: Lore Tickets.
  • BetaInsomnia x10: Lore Tickets.
  • Yigit x24: Sheets.
  • Arendan x13: Lore Processing.
  • HydraLana x30: Lore Writing and Processing.
  • Athelois x2: Lore Tickets.
  • TheVigilantWolf x20: Sheets and Processing.
  • PapidaCarrot x14: Sheets and Processing.
  • Caelamus x10: Sheets and Processing.
  • TheBioverse x31: Sheets and System work.

This week, Event focused on quest-related projects.

  • Falconhand x4: Multiple rewritings, syntax review, brainstorming.
  • GrumpyGirl314 x8: Cleaning up and final testing for Estel and Dragon quest lines.

This week, PR focused on forum posts, roundups, and twitter management.

  • Pixycandi x9: Forum Posts and image work.
  • Seoulmate x10: Weekend Roundup.
  • Ryria x2: PR posts and threads.
  • Battlebrawn x4: PR twitter management.

This week, Tech Staff focused on internal systems and the 1.13 update.

  • CS_Birb x9: Internal System rework.

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