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This week, Direction focused on Individual Direction, HR, and Project creation for upcoming Rank 3’s.

  • LumosJared x8: Individual Direction, HR, Project creation.

This week, Game focused on Tickets and the new Bounty System, which debuted on the forums this week.

  • Doaraiky x9: Blessed War and Investigations.
  • Dragonn x4: Documentation.
  • CnocBride x8: Bounty System.
  • Spectriel x3: Tickets.
  • ibeslupring x4: Tickets.
  • JoyShake x2: Teambuilding.
  • Tinnytine x3: Ticket training.
  • Sir_Daragon x2: Tickets.
  • Sephite x11: Tickets.
  • Talantius x1: Tickets.
  • Winterless x4: Investigations.
  • BlueChaos x2: Tickets.
  • Pomplemousse x3: Bounty System.

This week, World focused on world decor in Regalia, new estates, small changes to the districts, and street decor.

  • Bunemma x5: World Ticket.
  • Founa x14: World Decor.
  • Yigit x5: World Decor.
  • EdnaMode_ x3: Tickets.
  • Pixycandi x8: World Staff work.

This week, Lore Staff revised the new noble system, began a new update to character creation, finished the Metallurgy Project, and did a whole boat load of Character Sheets and Processing.

  • Caelamus x10: Character Sheets.
  • TheVigilantWolf x3: Character Sheets.
  • Havsbris_ x16: Character Sheets.
  • Eccetra x11: Tickets.
  • TheBioverse x20: Lore Tickets.
  • LumosJared x15: Metallurgy Project Finish.
  • WaterDruppel x5: Lore Processing.
  • Katiesc x7: Lore Processing.
  • BillytheScroofy x3: Lore Processing.
  • Yigit x8: Character Sheets.
  • HydraLana x22: Writing and Processing.

This week, Quest focused on Blessed War updates.

  • Grumpygirl314 x5: Quest Coding.
  • Kniferharm x1: Coding.

This week, PR worked on PMC content creation and spotlights on players and factions.

  • Ryria x5: Player Spotlights and PMC content creation.
  • Anarchizm x12: PR Spotlights and Tickets.
  • Seoulmate x3: Weekend Roundup.
  • Battlebrawn x4: Ticket posts.

This week, Tech Staff focused on the 1.13 Testing Server.

  • Spectriel x1: 1.13 Test Server
  • RustyTrumbone x5: Tech Work.
  • CS_Birb x14: Forums Work.
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