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This week, Direction focused on the release of the new Noble Crate, updates to internal paperwork, and Individual Direction for team members and players alike.

  • LumosJared x10: Individual Direction, Noble Crates, Paperwork.

This week Game focused on Dungeons Assistance, Game Documenation, and work on the upcoming Vampire Plugin.

  • Sevak x1: Game Documentation.
  • Jaehaerys x5: Testing.
  • JoyShake x4: Dungeon Testing.
  • Dragonn x3: Documentation.
  • Sir_Daragon x11: Game Documentation.
  • Falconhand x11: Game Documentation and Tickets.
  • BlueChaos x2: Tickets.
  • Winterless x2: Vampire Documentation.

This week, world staff primarily on the upcoming Harvest Festival and a whole new Rothburg to go along with it.

  • Bunemma x13: Tickets.
  • Pixycandi x5: World Tickets.
  • WaterDruppel x9: Rothburg Construction.
  • Patsie x2: Festival Builds.
  • EdnaMode_ x4: Tickets.
  • Jaehaerys x10: World Tickets and Bo2’s.

This week, Lore staff carried on dealing with the Proficiency System Updates, as well as Military Progressions, the DM’ing of both Storyweb and Guild systems, and plenty of writing for the wiki.

  • TheBioverse x14: Character Sheets.
  • LumosJared x7: Character Sheets.
  • TheVigilantWolf x8: Sheets.
  • Katiesc x33: Sheets and Tickets.
  • Athelois x6: Tickets.
  • Apath x11: Sheets.
  • BillyTheScroofy x8: Military Progression.
  • AntonVoron x4: Sheets.
  • WaterDruppel x6: Lore Processing.
  • HydraLana x55: Lore Writing and Processing.
  • PapidaCarrot x33: Character Sheets.
  • Caelamus x13: Character Sheets.
  • Finlaggan x8: Guild Event.

This week, Quest Staff focused on Dungeons and Documentation of Quest.

  • Derpadillo x21: Dungeons.
  • Kniferharm x6: Quest Documenation.
  • Falconhand x4: Factions and Quests.

This week, PR Staff focused on showing off the litany of roleplay events and projects, as well as external site updates and content creation.

  • Hierophant x8: PR Stability and Projects.
  • Seoulmate x5: Weekend Roundup.
  • Battlebrawn x6: Twitter Management.
  • Amarchizm x10: PR posts.
  • Pixycandi x6: Social Event Progressions.

This week, Tech Staff focused on Discord Updates and Inventory Saving during the 1.13 update.

  • CS_Birb x5: Discord Updates and 1.13 Work.