This week, Direction focused on Individual Direction and Paperwork, specifically helping out the Game Department better communicate to the player base, and assisting in the training of new aspirants. A few new aspirants were also taken on, and the usual bout of Server Emails, and Project Assigning were completed.  Staff is still actively recruiting, so if you are interested in joining Tech, Quest, PR, Game, or World, please apply here!

  • LumosJared x6: Individual Direction and Staff Apps.
  • LumosJared x2: Changelog Structure and Paperwork.
  • LumosJared x2: Staff:Dept Updates and Staff Recruitment.

This week, Game handled several War declarations, player appeals, and compensation for the Essa Squishing of 2020. Mythic mobs were created and added to Essa! See if you can find cute little crabs or turtles! More will be coming soon. We worked on building for Gauntlet Dungeons and discussed with Tech about the implementation of certain player suggestions. The usual 65 player tickets, numerous help chats, Essalonia cleanup and restoration, and naughty player investigations were completed. We hosted a KOTH event this week! You can vote on which events we host the coming week here:

  • Sir_Daragon x14: Tickets and Forum Administration. 
  • QGMK x10: Tickets, Game Meetings and Essa Release. 
  • Falconhand x11: Game Documenation and Ban Appeals. 
  • The_Fluorspar x16: Help chats, tickets, Essa Spawn, Gauntlets, etc. 
  • BlueChaos x11: Essalonia Cleanup. 
  • Winterless x5: Tickets.
  • NotchyHerobrine x7: Tickets. 
  • Takedown x5: War Decs. 
  • Drejr x4: Gauntlet Dungeon. 

This week World took a step back from live server building, beginning some work on re-modelling the Essa spawn, and a large focus on bo2s – the pre-fabricated elements we use for map making. Various ships and weapons were built, alongside more whimsical pieces (think giant mushrooms) for an upcoming ‘Dreamworld’. Decoration continued on the Drachenburg estate, events were set up and prepped for, and clandestine bases were handed out and edited as usual.

  • Bunemma x1: Update.
  • WaterDruppel x2: Tickets.
  • EdnaMode x3: Regalia Event Site Decor.
  • Patsie x2: Mushroom Build.
  • JakePostonJake x1: Essa Spawn. 
  • SpunSugar x2: Event Setup and Noble Estate Managing.

Lore Updates:

World System Updates:

Event Updates:

  • There was a ballroom blitz as different parties from the Void, Exist, and Primal groups in roleplay each shared in a vision tailored by some mysterious greater being of an artifact on the approach to Regalia. Once it had landed the fighting ensued! Find out more IC as the story continues to develop among the groups involved!
  • An emissary of the Damned Crew has arrived in Crookback to their recently relocated shrine. They have an offer for those which desire to reap rewards and benefits for living a true Pirate’s Life.
  • And keep your eyes peeled as we’ll be having a full calendar of October fun, autumn has arrived Regalia!

Roleplay Updates:

  • Arcane Ministry in the Lord Chancellor’s Cabinet is vacant once more so prospective applicants should send forum conversations to the Chancellor listing their qualifications and their intentions with the Ministry if appointed.
  • Eccetra x18: Discord Tickets.
  • Carlit0o x10: Character Sheets.
  • MollyMock x10: Character Sheets.
  • WaterDruppel x4: Lore Processing.
  • FireFan96 x15: Character Sheets.
  • BetaInsomnia x11: Lore Processing.
  • MantaRey x1: Character Sheets.
  • Fantuinn x12: Character Sheets.
  • BillyTheScruffy x22: Nobility Systems.
  • Wumpatron x7: Permission Reviews. 
  • Messtro x19: Character Sheets and Raid Dungeon Mastering.
  • HydraLana x12: Character Sheets.
  • Birdsfoot_Violet x5: Tickets and Perms and Consultation.
  • Katiesc x42: Character Sheets.
  • Jonificus x3: Lore Assistance.
  • Caelamus x17: Character Sheets.
  • LumosJared x3: Character Sheets.
  • Bellarmina x5: Character Sheets.

The Quest department is actively recruiting! The Quest department is responsible for the in-game questing experience, which involves writing storylines, transferring storylines into quest code, and then inputting that code in-game for debugging and quality assurance testing. Along the way you’ll also create NPCs, WorldGuard regions, MythicMobs, and exciting environments, and overall let your creativity flow. Additional detailed information can be found at . If this sounds interesting to you, we encourage you to consider making an aspirant application here on the forums by visiting the “staff and community feedback” section. You can also contact Alj23 or Derpadillo with specific questions.

  • Derpadillo x1: Quest Training and Dungeons.
  • The_Fluorspar x4: Quest Documentation.

Alongside screenshots, social media upkeep (Twitter, Facebook, Planetminecraft, ect.) we had some department organizing along with some planning for the next week with new spotlights, events, and content posts in the social media profiles.

  • Battlebrawn x3: PMC upkeep.
  • Hierophant x11: Player Spotlight and Event Assistance and Week 38. 
  • Seoulmate x4: Weekend Roundup, Video Trailer Work.
  • Miracle678 x9: New Players, Twitter Posts, Faction Guide Final. 

This week, Tech has been working towards the 1.15 update.  A more substantive Tech Update will be included in next week’s report. 

  • XxXYaJrAbXxX x12: MassiveRaces Development.