• LumosJared x6: Individual Direction and Paperwork.
  • SpunSugar x5: Individual Direction.
  • CnocBride x1: Staff Discussion Meeting.
  • CnocBride x2: Streaming Management.
  • CnocBride x2: Internal Paperwork.


  • CnocBride x2, MokeDuck x1, falconhand x1: Game Tickets.
  • SubscriptShark x1, falconhand x1, MokeDuck x1, Winterless x1, GrumpyGirl314 x1, CnocBride x1: Help Chat Responses.
  • CnocBride x1: Factions Poll Preparations.
  • Jaehaerys x1: Alt Evasion Situation.
  • Spectriel x1: Staff Discord Permissions.
  • CnocBride x1: Weekly Points.
  • CnocBride x1, GrumpyGirl314 x2: Training Documentation.
  • CnocBride x1: Darkroom Post Announcement.
  • MadamAries x2: Essalonia Event Planning.
  • CnocBride x1, MadamAries x1, falconhand x1, SubscriptShark x1: CoN Weekly Points,
  • Spectriel x1, GrumpyGirl314 x1: Event Prize Documentation.
  • CnocBride x1, Spectriel x1: Pumpkin Carving Event.
  • CnocBride x1: Tech Consultation Meeting.
  • CnocBride x1: Stat Transfers.


  • Mojaven x10: V5 Tea.
  • Annju x4: World Stuff.
  • Waterdruppel x4: Teahause.
  • Jaehaerys x6: Zom Event.
  • SpunSugar x6: World.


  • Caelamus x5: Sheets.
  • SupremeCripple x3: Sheets.
  • Dosier x10: Sheets.
  • Bagley x3: Sheets.
  • Vegemiite x5: Sheets.
  • Athelois x3: Sheets.
  • Freema x9: Sheets.
  • Percuriam x17: Sheets.
  • Suicidium x6: Sheets.
  • Waterdruppel x6: Processing. 
  • Betainsomnia x10: Processing.
  • Hydralana x23: Processing.
  • LumosJared x8: Rangers, Isldar, Processing, Sheets.
  • Billythescroofy x2: Sheets.
  • Crashir x2: Event hosting.
  • Grumpygirl314 x5: Various event tasks.
  • Madamaries x3: Parkour and Elytra.
  • Cs_Birb x2: Acting and Assistance.
  • Cnocbride x7: Massivegate.
  • Percuriam x23: Events.
  • SpunSugar x5: Various events. .
  • Seoulmate x5: Weekend Roundup.
  • LumosJared x6: Changelog and Site Updates and Email.
  • Spunsugar x5: Posts.
  • Cs_Birb x8: Various Tech Tasks.
  • TheComputerGeek x33: Various Tech Tasks.