Direction This week, Direction focused on the impending 1.13 update, Minigrame creation, and Individual Direction.

  • LumosJared x10: Individual Direction.
  • SpunSugar x15: Individual Direction, Minigames, etc. 

Game This week Game focused on Dungeons, PVE Events and internal testing, as well as general help and 1.13 block status. 

  • JoyShake x4: Dungeon Testing. 
  • Jaehaerys x3: PVE Event. 
  • Dragonn_ x2: Documentation. 
  • Sir_Daragon x6: General Help. 
  • Lumbo x3: PVP Testing. 
  • Falconhand x4: PVP Testing. 
  • Winterless x3: PVP Testing. 
  • BlueChaos x2: Tickets. 

World This week, world staff focused on PVP Areas, Cistern Rebuilds, and various Regalian builds. 

  • Yigit x2: Festival Decor.
  • Jaehaerys x4: PVP Area. 
  • WaterDruppel x10: Cistern. 
  • SpunSugar x6: Cistern Afton Boathouse. 
  • EdnaMode_ x6: VoidCultist Build. 
  • Patsie x1: Estate interior.

Lore This week, Lore staff focused on Storyweb Progressions, in-game events, and lore tickets/character sheets. 

  • Jonificus x8: Sheets.
  • WaterDruppel x6: Lore Processing. 
  • Caelamus x12: Sheets. 
  • LumosJared x10: Storywebs, Sheets, Progressions. 
  • MantaRey x12: Lore Processing. 
  • TheBioverse x4: Sheets. 
  • Eccetra x12: Discord Tickets. 
  • Havsbris_ x11: Sheets. 
  • Arendan x6: Tickets. 
  • Athelois x5: Lore Quest Writing. 
  • Tibertastic x32: Sheets. 
  • Katiesc x7: Sheets. 
  • Bellarmina x8: Resource Pack. 

Quest This week, Quest Staff focused on Dungeon builds and testing thereof.

  • Derpadillo x24: Dungeons.
  • Kniferharm x13: Dungeons. 

PR This week, PR Staff focused October Preview Posts, as well as prep work for the 1.13 update.

  • Battlebrawn x6: PR Posts. 
  • Pixycandi x7: October Preview Post. 
  • Seoulmate x8: Weekend Roundup. 
  • SpunSugar x9: 1.13 Prep work.

Tech This week, Tech Staff focused on Discord Updates and Inventory Saving during the 1.13 update.

  • CS_Birb x7: Discord Updates and 1.13 Work.
  • RustyTrumbone x2: Tech Prep work for 1.13

Stay tuned for some very exciting 1.13 News. As a teaser of that, here is an Aquarium in front of the Golden Willow, on the 1.13 Test Server.