This week, Direction focused on Individual Direction with various staff members, and routine paperwork.

  • LumosJared x2: Individual Direction. 


This week Game focused on tickets, and a MythicMob creation session or two. 

  • Falconhand x9: MythicMob Creation. 
  • Sir_Daragon x6: General Help. 
  • BlueChaos x4: Tickets. 
  • Winterless x3: Race Work. 
  • JoyShake x1: Tickets. 


This week, world staff focused on World Tickets and Interior Decoration, as well as Instance building. 

  • Pixycandi x7: Various World Builds. 
  • Jaehaerys x2: Bo2’s. 
  • WaterDruppel x5: Interior Decoration. 
  • Patsie x17: Goldmine Dungeon. 


This week, Lore staff focused on Character Sheets and Tickets. 

  • TheBioverse x2: Character Sheets. 
  • Eccetra x10: Tickets. 
  • Jonificus x2: Character Sheets. 
  • Caelamus x14: Character Sheets. 
  • Lord_Immortal x4: Character Sheets. 
  • Carlit0o x8: Character Sheets. 
  • Havsbris_ x6: Character Sheets. 
  • Katiesc x5: Character Sheets. 
  • BillyTheScroofy x7: Tickets. 
  • Nesstro x16: Character Sheets. 
  • Firefan96 x6: Tickets. 
  • HydraLana x30: Character Sheets. 
  • Birdsfoot_Violet x13: Character Sheets. 
  • Finlaggan x9: Magic Writing. 
  • WaterDruppel x3: Discord Tickets. 

QuestThis week, Quest Staff focused on bugfixing and command review. 

  • Derpadillo x7: Command Review.


This week, PR Staff focused on PR specific tickets and the Social Media sites. 

  • Pixycandi x3: Social Media. 
  • Hierophant x10: Various PR tasks. 
  • Battlerbrawn x4: Twitter Management. 


This week, Tech Staff focused on the 1.13 updates.

  • TheComputerGeek x12: 1.13 Plugin Development.