This week, Direction focused on Individual Direction and a slightly altered version of the Changelog. Goals for Direction for next week will include a few new Buycraft additions, a substantive post on 1.13’s progress and release plan, and recruitment of Team Members, as well as an overhaul to Staff Applications. 

  • LumosJared x5: Individual Direction with Lore Members.
  • LumosJared x2: Changelog Structure. 


This week Game added a /recipes command ingame to link to the custom recipes page on the Massive website. Goals for Game for next week will include more MythicMob creations.

  • Falconhand x2: Learning and implementing a /recipes command.
  • Falconhand x4: MythicMob Creation. 
  • Falconhand x4: Ticket and Reviews. 
  • Jaehaerys x1: Tickets. 
  • BlueChaos x1: Tickets. 
  • Sir_Daragon x3: Tickets and Investigations. 


This week, world staff focused on new roleplay hotspots such as the Kade Estate, the interior of the new Market, and various Gardens in Regalia. In addition, on a new BO2 Jungle tree pack and an Oaktree pack. Jaehaerys completed 12 within the jungle pack and 24 trees for the oak pack.

  • Patsie x7: Kade Estate.
  • Patsie x4: Gardens.
  • Patsie x5: Tickets.
  • Jaehaerys x9: Bo2’s. 
  • Bunemma x10: Interior Assistance Decorating. 
  • Bunemma x2: Tickets. 


This week, Lore staff focused. Birdsfoot did some Special Perms work, specifically Adding Artifact Page & Inputting Data, Adjusting formatting on Silven page & adding character Apps, Adjusting Staff Perms for Mage, and Fixing Formatting on Spec Perm Thread. Goals for the Lore Department will include a replacement for the fallen RP systems and preparation for the Wintertide Festival.

  • TheBioverse x1: Character Sheets. 
  • MantaRey x1: Character Sheets. 
  • Katiesc x8: Character Sheets.
  • Havsbris x6: Character Sheets. 
  • Athelois x3: Processing.
  • Athelois x2: Character Sheets. 
  • WaterDruppel x2: Ticket with Marlo and others (long).
  • WaterDruppel x5: Lore Processing (Daenshore Article).
  • Eccetra x5: Discord Tickets. 
  • Nesstro x10: Tickets. 
  • Caelamus x14: Character Sheets. 
  • LumosJared x2: Character Sheets.
  • LumosJared x2: RP Event.
  • Bellarmina x2: Tickets. 
  • Birdsfoot_Violet x6: Special Perm and Tickets. 
  • Lord_Immortal x8: Character Sheets. 
  • Firefan96 x3: Tickets.
  • Firefan96 x3: Knights Page. 
  • HydraLana x6: Character Sheets.
  • HydraLana x6: Wiki Reports.


This week, Quest Staff focused on bugfixing and quest writing. Goals for Quest next week will be recruitment and implementing quests for the Wintertide Festival. 

  • Derpadillo x7: Command Review.
  • Zacatero x4: Command Review. 


This week, PR Staff focused on helping new players around the server, offering guidance as well as recruitment. Goals for PR this week will include Secret Santa management and early Wintertide work.

  • Seoulmate x4: SecretSanta
  • Seoulmate x4: Weekend Roundup and Ticket.
  • Battlebrawn x4: Twitter Management. 
  • Anarchizm x8: New Players.
  • Anarchizm x6: PR Tickets. 


This week, Tech Staff focused on the 1.13 updates. Goals for Tech will remain the 1.13 update.

  • TheComputerGeek x12: 1.13 Plugin Development.