• Cayorion x1: (Monday) Added this weekly changelog post.
  • Cayorion x1: (Monday) Individual Direction – Cythyan – Recipe Page Update.
  • Cayorion x2: (Monday) Individual Direction – Ninjabaver – Graphic Profile Logo Creation.
  • Cayorion x1: (Monday) Individual Direction – Ulumulu1510 – MassiveLock
  • Addrion x3: Introduction of new quest aspirant
  • Thortuna x3: Project feedback – Diaphonos
  • Thortuna, Gethelp x2: Individual Direction toward eachother
  • Thortuna x2: Individual Direction – Kronova – bo2 and activity
  • Thortuna: General Direction PR department
  • Thortuna: Individual Direction – Kellock93 and PR staff communication
  • Thortuna x2: Individual Direction – Diaphonos and PR staff communication
  • Thortuna, Ryciera: Mutual direction talks
  • Gethelp: Individual Direction – Thortuna
  • Thortuna: Individual Direction – Lazzulai
  • Thortuna x2: Meeting setup and point reporting for 4 departments
  • Thortuna, Addrion x2: Mutual Direction discussion
  • Addrion x2: Individual Direction – Thortuna
  • MonMarty x3: Individual Direction Babayonce about the Noble Programme.
  • MonMarty: Individual Direction MrHappyTinkles about brainstorming for the Player Quests.
  • MonMarty x5: Completed the last iteration of the Legal document and sought feedback/did a Q&A session with Staff for the contents.
  • MonMarty x2: Continued community support on Noble program ending thread.
  • MonMarty x2: Noble program ending Q&A on teamspeak with players in an open meeting.


no activity


  • Omnomivore x2, Addrion x1, Thortuna x2, Diaphonos x1, Lazzulai x1, JoyShake x1: MassiveTickets
  • Thortuna x1, Annju x1, JoyShake x1, Jackson413 x2: Helpchat
  • Addrion x3: Ban appeals
  • Thortuna: Player Reports
  • Thortuna x2: Help forum
  • Thortuna x22: Gamestaff assistance
  • Omnomivore x5: Gamestaff assistance
  • Thortuna x2, Omnomivore x3: Long MassiveTickets
  • Diaphonos x5: Rank 3 project, Game staff profiles
  • Diaphonos x2, Cythyan x2: Rank1 training
  • Diaphonos x2, Jackson413 x2: Rank 1 training
  • Thortuna: Email Confirmation
  • Thortuna: Forum cleanup
  • Omnomivore x3: Regalia Minecart Chest Cleanup
  • Thortuna: Manual land restore


  • Cythyan x6: Website update
  • Cythyan x2: War Declaration training – Lazzulai
  • Lazzulai x2: War Declaration training – Cythyan


no activity


  • MonMarty: Did 5 Lore Q&A
  • MonMarty x6: Language PSA
  • MonMarty x2: Ending Noble Program PSA


  • imboring56 x3: Storyline and commands
  • Imboring56, Addrion x2: Quest storyline feedback throughout the week


  • Ninjabaver x3: (Monday) Logotype – Game Mode – Creative
  • Diaphonos x3, Barsi_ x3, Ragnio x3: PR Meeting


  • Ulumulu1510 x7, Cayorion x4: (Monday) MassiveLock – Development to and including today.
  • Cayorion x1: (Monday) MassiveMobs – Fixed a bug where mobs would be listed by their system ID rather than readable id.
  • Cayorion x1: (Tuesday) MassiveCore / Various – Added missing change notification in three different locations.
  • Cayorion, Ulumulu1510 x3: (Tuesday) MassiveLock – Development meeting.
  • Cayorion, Madus, Ulumulu1510 x1: (Tuesday) MassiveLock – Development meeting.
  • Cayorion x2: (Wednesday) MassiveCore – Quick getEntity Method and ReflectionUtil improvements
  • Cayorion x2: (Wednesday) OS Software Upgrade and full network restart.
  • Cayorion x1: (Wednesday) Forums – Updated two forum plugins.
  • Cayorion x1: (Thursday) MassiveCore – Fixed a bug where WatcherService result was neither cached nor closed.
  • Cayorion x3: (Thursday) Public plugin release 2.8.3 and 2.8.4.