• Gethelp x2: Holographic displays for all spawn worlds.
  • Gethelp x4: Redoing staff tools on the forums for gamestaff
  • Thortuna x2: Feature and ideas review
  • Thortuna: Individual Direction – JoyShake
  • Thortuna, Cayorion: Direction Talk
  • Thortuna, Addrion: Direction Talk
  • Gethelp, Thortuna: Direction Talk
  • Thortuna x2: Hub Brainstorm document
  • Thortuna x2: Individual Direction – Kronova – Bo2 squad
  • Thortuna: Holographic displays for all spawn worlds
  • Thortuna: Individual Direction – Ragnio
  • Thortuna: Individual Direction – Jemsbe
  • Thortuna x2: Google Docs rework
  • Gethelp: Combat point handouts
  • Thortuna: Gamestaff point handouts
  • Thortuna: PR point handouts
  • Thortuna: Point reports Bo2 Squad
  • Thortuna: Meeting point handouts
  • Thortuna x2, Addrion x2: Direction Meeting discussing new Quest things
  • Thortuna, Addrion, MonMarty, Jared4242: Direction Meeting
  • Thortuna: Added Lore points
  • LumosJared: Lore point report
  • LumosJared: Lore Direction


  • Thortuna x1, Omnomivore x4, Addrion x2, JoyShake x1, Jadex224 x1: MassiveTickets
  • Thortuna x1, Omnomivore x1, Lazzulai x1, JoyShake x1, Jemsbe x1, Sephite x4: Helpchat
  • Thortuna, Sephite: Help Central
  • Thortuna x33, Gethelp x15, Omnomivore x10, Addrion x6: Gamestaff assistance
  • Thortuna x5, Omnomivore x5: Long MassiveTickets
  • Thortuna, Addrion, JoyShake, Jadex224: Kissing/Hug ticket event
  • Thortuna, Addrion, JoyShake, Jadex224: Kissing/Hug ticket event
  • Jemsbe x2, Sephite x2: Training
  • Omnomivore, Jadex224: Training
  • Gethelp x2: Warzones
  • Gethelp x2, Thortuna x1: Email confirmation
  • Gethelp x4, Thortuna x2, Omnomivore x2: Forum Cleanup
  • Gethelp x4, Thortuna x1, Addrion x2: Land restore
  • Gethelp x6, Thortuna x2: Marketplace cleanup
  • Thortuna x2, Jemsbe x2, JoyShake x2, Jackson413 x2, Lazzulai x2, Sephite x2, Jadex224 x2: Weekly Team Meeting
  • Jackson413 x4: Missing meeting points past 2 weeks


  • Gethelp x10: PvP Review
  • Gethelp x6: PvP Fight watching
  • Thortuna: Pvp Fight watching


  • Kronova x2: Bo2 setup – TallDesertRockFormations
  • Kronova x2: Bo2 setup – SmallDesertRockFormations
  • Kronova x2: Bo2 setup – DesertShrubs
  • Kronova x2: Bo2 setup – DesertShrubRocks
  • Kronova x2: Bo2 setup – DesertSinkHole
  • Kronova x2, MrHappyTinkles x2, Finn_Ish x2: Weekly Team Meeting


  • MonMarty x2, TheBioverse x2, Shayin x2, MantaRey x2, Lord_Immortal x2, Jared4242 x2, The_Shadow_King3 x2: Weekly Team Meeting
  • LumosJared x8: Character Applications
  • LumosJared x6: Processing
  • Shayin x2: Character Applications
  • Shayin x3: Wiki upkeep
  • Shayin x8: Wrote Altalar Lore
  • Shayin x5: Wrote Avanthar Lore
  • Shayin x7: Processing Articles
  • TheBioverse x1: Character Applications
  • 0romir x5: Processing
  • MantaRey x4: Character Applications
  • JarlJade x2: Character Applications
  • The_Shadow_King3 x2: Character Applications
  • The_Shadow_King3 x5: Wrote Shademarsh Mushroom, AngleBushberry and Chrysant Flower Lore
  • Suzzie: Character Applications


  • Addrion x2: Quest release for Summer Festival
  • Addrion x6: Bug fixes for quests during summer festival
  • Addrion x2, Avaniswari x2, Brycea111 x2, imboring56 x2: Weekly Team Meeting


  • Ragnio x2, Kronova x2, Thortuna x1, Ninjabaver x2: Bo2 Squad recruitment post
  • Ragnio x2, Ninjabaver x2: Weekly Team Meeting
  • Ragnio x3, Ninjabaver x1: (Sunday) News Post – “Let’s have a splashtastic Summer” – Summer Festival


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