• Lumosjared x2: Point settings
  • MonMarty: Direction meeting points.
  • MonMarty, LumosJared x2: Direction meeting.
  • Monmarty: Speaking at the common meeting.


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  • Finn_Ish x2: Sewer construction.
  • Anti_Majora x1: Sewer construction.
  • Timisc x2: Sewer construction.
  • Timisc x4: Various regalia upkeep.
  • Greenie x4: Commerce and Weisburg construction.
  • Waterdruppel x4: House construction.
  • Jaehaerys x4: Ship construction.


  • Chiruda x2: character sheets.
  • TheOverseer__ x15: character sheets and forum cleanup.
  • Shayin x6: Wiki writing and processing.
  • Shayin x4: Geography Project setup and work.
  • JarlJade x2: Event hosting.
  • Nastynick x2: Character sheet assignment.
  • Nastynick x2: vampire event meeting.
  • Nastynick x4: Lore Q/A.
  • Doc_Cantank x2: Event hosting.
  • Doc_Cantank x5: Character sheets.
  • Aespair x2: Character sheets.
  • Suzzie x12: Wiki maintence.
  • The_Shadow_king3 x7: Character sheets.
  • The_Shadow_King3 x3: Wiki and Q/A work.
  • Ponyowantham x2: Character sheets.
  • LumosJared x4: Wiki work and character sheets.


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  • LeDinklebergFM x1: Server Malfunction Update.
  • LeDinklebergFM x1: Parliment post.
  • LeDinklebergFM x1: Competition wrap up.
  • Kaezir x3: Various graphics, screenshots, and proposal work.
  • Kaezir x3: Holiday and Server post and screenshots..
  • Kaezir x1: Dynmap main page update work.
  • Kaezir x4: Daily Creeper redesign work and PMC work.
  • Muffins_ x2: Screenshot work.
  • Muffins_ x1: Changelog.
  • betterer x2: Screenshot work for lore events.
  • betterer x2: wiki artwork.
  • onearmsquid x2: PR news posts.
  • onearmsquid x1: Daily Creeper redesign work.
  • onearmsquid x2: Ugly sweater pr competition.
  • onearmsquid x1: PR aspirancy training.
  • optimalfriskies x1: pr aspirancy training.
  • optimalfriskies x1: competition and player retention brainstorming.
  • drfong x1: daily creeper redesign work.
  • drfong x2: competition and player retention brainstorming.
  • LumosJared x6: Pr postings and strategies research.


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