• LumosJared x16: TrunkStorage, Google Drive Security Perms and Forums Purge, Individual Direction, HR, Meetings, etc.
  • SpunSugar x7: Meetings, HR, Transition Work.
  • Sephite x7: Meetings, Game Leadership, Transition Work.


  • Omnomivore x2, MadamAries x5, mcmann x2, CnocBride x11, Spectriel x7, Winterless x8, lunarepiphany x5: Game Tickets.
  • MadamAries x1, CnocBride x1, Winterless x1, lunarepiphany x1, 65jes89 x6, MokeDuck x1, falconhand x3: Help Chat Responses.
  • Sephite x1, CnocBride x1: Ban Appeals.
  • Omnomivore x2, CnocBride x2: Ban List.
  • Sephite x5, Omnomivore x9, MadamAries x9, CnocBride x39, Spectriel x38, Winterless x36, lunarepiphany x13:Trunk Storage Assistance.
  • Sephite x7, CnocBride x4: Server Transition.
  • CnocBride x1: MassiveElytra Testing.
  • GrumpyGirl314 x2: New Server World Assistance.
  • Winterless x1: Essalonia Spawn Building.
  • GrumpyGirl314 x2: Event Diagnosis Sheet.
  • Zacatero x2: Custom Commands Documentation.
  • CnocBride x1: Meeting with SpunSugar.
  • Sephite x1: Weekly Points.
  • Sephite x2, CnocBride x2, Alj23 x2: CoK Points.
  • CnocBride x3: CoK Weekly Progression.
  • MadamAries x1, Spectriel x1, GrumpyGirl314 x1, Mokeduck x1, Zacatero x1, Falconhand x1: Cups Event.
  • Sephite x1, CnocBride x1, MokeDuck x1, 65jes89 x1: Rank1 Ticket Training.


  • Patsie x3: Estate and Moves. 
  • Waterdruppel x3: External.
  • SpunSugar x5: Lobby.
  • Mojaven x23: Castle Spawn.
  • Julu8 x3: Creative Spawn.
  • Eccetra x3: Build Assistance.
  • Annju x5: Assistance.
  • LumosJared x3: Survival Spawn.


  • LumosJared x1: Lore Tickets
  • Percuriam x1: Lore Tickets
  • Eccetra x1: Lore Tickets
  • Aespair x4: Sheets.
  • Jonificus x3: Sheets.
  • Bagley x12: Sheets.
  • Percuriam x25: Sheets.
  • Aespair x5: Sheets.
  • Eccetra x11: Processing.
  • Suicidium x4: Sheets.
  • Hydralana x53: Sheets.
  • SupremeCripple x6: Processing.
  • LumosJared x4: Processing.


  • Enkidu x11: Silverwind.
  • Markisbeest x23: Trunkstorage.


  • Puagrace x4: Video Work.
  • Owlet_ x11: External Bumping.
  • SpunSugar x1: Meeting with CnocBride regarding faction related announcements and transitioning faction specific information to other media hosts (e.g. forums and wiki).
  • SpunSugar x23: Survival posts, transition.
  • Seoulmate x5: Weekend Roundup.


  • TheComputerGeek2 x22: Various Tech Work.
  • CS_Birb x27: Various Tech work.