Our Players Are Our Priority

MassiveCraft would not be where it is today without contributions from our community.

Our Values


We strive to create an environment free of corruption and provide the best experience possible for our members.


Our community members are people, not numbers, and we recognize them for what they are. Our membership is diverse and we welcome people from all walks of life.


We’re dedicated to making MassiveCraft the best place possible with you. We’re stronger with support from our community.

What is MassiveCraft?

Welcome to MassiveCraft, a premier medieval styled Java Minecraft server that has been delighting players for over a decade. Immerse yourself in our vast and captivating world, where boundless adventures and endless possibilities await.

At MassiveCraft, we offer a diverse range of game modes to cater to every player’s preference. Delve into the realm of creativity in our Creative mode, where you can unleash your imagination and build magnificent structures using unlimited resources. Collaborate with like-minded individuals, exchange ideas, and showcase your architectural prowess.

For those seeking immersive roleplaying experiences, our Roleplay mode transports you to an enchanting medieval RPG setting. Create unique characters, immerse yourself in compelling storylines, and forge alliances with other players as you embark on epic quests and engage in thrilling adventures.

Engage in heart-pounding PvP battles and strategic faction warfare in our Factions mode. Build your own empire, forge alliances, and dominate the land as you compete for power and resources.

Our Survival Multiplayer (SMP) mode offers a cooperative and friendly environment where you can embark on an epic journey alongside friends and fellow adventurers. Explore vast landscapes, build thriving settlements, and engage in collaborative projects to thrive in this challenging world.

Additionally, our Minigames mode provides a quick and exhilarating escape, with a variety of fast-paced games to enjoy with friends and other players.

Join our longstanding and vibrant community of passionate Minecraft enthusiasts from around the world. Whether you are a seasoned player or new to the Minecraft universe, MassiveCraft welcomes you to an experience that has stood the test of time. Come and embark on your unforgettable adventure today!

Our Story

MassiveCraft originally started as MCTeam.org around February 2011. The founders of the server were two players named Cayorion and NinjaBaver. The entire team was fairly small and structured with only a handful of departments. The community was small but they were entertained with all we had to offer. As time went by new people joined and left the MassiveCraft Team. New ideas were always welcomed by our small and eager team.

Things really changed around January 2013 when the Sharding Project was first announced publicly on the website. The ground breaking plan was to make our server unique and allow us to expand it to unseen heights. The Sharding Project took about six months to completely design, code, implement and debug. Roughly a month after the full implementation of the last stage however, we already doubled our player count and saw it on a steady rise. At this point we started thinking about ourselves and how we wanted to continue our ambitions and evolve the future of MassiveCraft.

Getting Started

Step 1: Connecting to MassiveCraft

To join our Java Minecraft server, launch your Minecraft client and enter the IP address: massivecraft.com. Once you’re in, get ready to embark on an epic adventure!

MassiveCraft offers a diverse range of game modes to suit different playstyles. Explore the immersive roleplay in our expansive Roleplay World, unleash your creativity in the Creative Universe, dive into intense PvP battles, or join the survival multiplayer (SMP) world for a cooperative gameplay experience. The choice is yours!

MassiveCraft features a variety of custom plugins that enhance your gameplay. Whether it’s the unique mechanics of Factions, the immersive quests in the Quest World, or the thrilling sieges in PvP, take some time to learn about these plugins and how they add depth and excitement to your adventure.

Connect with fellow players on our forums, Discord server, and social media platforms. Engage in discussions, share your creations, seek advice, and form lasting friendships. The MassiveCraft community is a vibrant and welcoming space where you can connect with like-minded players.

Take advantage of our comprehensive guides, tutorials, and wikis to deepen your understanding of the server’s features, game mechanics, and lore. From beginner tips to advanced strategies, these resources will equip you with the knowledge to thrive in your chosen game mode.

Step 6: Participate in Events and Competitions

Immerse yourself in the exciting events, tournaments, and competitions organized by the MassiveCraft team. Test your skills, showcase your talents, and compete for prestigious titles and rewards. Stay updated on our website and forums to never miss an opportunity to shine!

Step 7: Embrace the Adventure

With your newfound knowledge and the support of the MassiveCraft community, it’s time to embark on your grand adventure. Discover hidden treasures, build magnificent structures, forge alliances, and create unforgettable memories in the vast and ever-evolving world of MassiveCraft.

Remember, our dedicated staff is always here to assist you and ensure your experience is enjoyable. So, grab your tools, gather your courage, and prepare for an incredible journey on MassiveCraft!

See you in the game,

The MassiveCraft Team

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