MassiveSMP is a unique Minecraft survival multiplayer experience designed to recreate the joy of playing with friends. Dive into a cooperative and friendly environment where players can explore, build, and embark on exciting adventures together.


In MassiveSMP, PvP is opt-in, ensuring a peaceful atmosphere where players’ bases, belongings, and creations are respected. We have no whitelist, but we do have strict rules against griefing, stealing, and disruptive behavior to maintain a positive and enjoyable community.

With regularly generated new maps aligned with major Minecraft releases, there’s always something fresh to explore and conquer. Our dedicated staff ensures fair gameplay and moderates the server using plugins like Massivechat, Worldguard, Decoheads, and Prism.

Please note that MassiveSMP operates separately from MassiveCraft’s Survival and Roleplay worlds, offering a completely unique inventory system. Prepare to immerse yourself in a mostly vanilla experience where you can focus on building, collaborating, and making lasting memories with fellow players.


Massive SMP is separate from Massivecraft’s Survival and Roleplay worlds, featuring a unique inventory system without cross-map item transfer. It offers a mostly vanilla experience with maintained plugins:

  • MassiveChat: Full functionality for Roleplay and cross-map communication.
  • WorldGuard: Controls fire-spread and enables information popups in spawn and settlements.
  • Decoheads: Enhances decoration options.
  • Prism: Ensures moderation.
  • MassiveLock: To keep your items protected.


We have a low tolerance policy for misbehavior in our games. Rule breaking will result in a ban from the SMP.

Players are not allowed to attack, grief, steal, kill or otherwise disrupt other players & their bases, mobs, and belongings. If players wish, and with explicit agreed upon parameters that must be stated either in-game, or on the forums (discord logs will not be accepted), they can engage in PvP behavior, so long as it does not impede upon uninterested parties.

  • No griefing.
  • No Lag Machines.
  • No breaking Trap Rules.
  • No breaking the Glitches, Bugs, and Mechanics Rules.
  • No breaking the Client Modification Rules in non-PVP scenarios.
  • Do not steal, copy, modify or re-use content belonging to other players without their consent.
  • Auto farms are allowed, but they cannot be excessively large, and they cannot be left running while you are offline. (Excessively large farms may be liable to culling by Staff Members.)
  • Players are not allowed to claim massive swaths of land, and are expected to be reasonable with their settlements and builds to accommodate other players.

Frequently Asked Questions

Information in the FAQ is subject to change as the SMP world gets closer to release. Be sure to check out our social media channels and Discord for updates!

Use /smp or click the NPC in the lobby!

keepInventory is true.

mobGriefing is true.

fireSpread is false.

Yes, though we’re not sure what they’ll be yet.

Upon opening, the SMP will not have any player regioning or land claiming, relying on an honor based system, but we will keep a close eye on this and adjust rules as needed.

We plan to generate a new vanilla world for every major Minecraft release. Maps will be wiped when these releases come out, meaning items and builds will not be transferred.

The map will be vanilla Minecraft generated, and pre-generated before world opening to reduce lag and ensure there is at least one of all applicable Minecraft biomes.

The SMP mode will remain so long as there are players interested in exploring!


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