MassiveCraft Resource Pack

Designed for Minecraft 1.19.5 | Updated on 2023-07-26

Move the zip-file into the .minecraft/resourcepacks folder (but don’t extract it).
To find this folder: Launch Minecraft, go to “Resource Packs” and click “Open resource pack folder”.


MassiveCraft Roleplay Mod Pack

Designed for Minecraft 1.19.5

Don’t want to bother with downloading all these packs manually or managing mods you may want on our server? Give the MassiveCraft mod pack on Modrinth a try!


Custom Item Textures

We have our own custom item textures on MassiveCraft! For information on additional textures provided by Conquest, a component of our edited resource pack, please see the Conquest Special Features list.

Minecraft ItemCustom Item NameWearableRequires Item Frame
Birch TrapdoorFanYellow
Birch TrapdoorFanWhite
Birch TrapdoorFanSihaiYellow
Birch TrapdoorFanSihaiWhite
Birch TrapdoorFanSihaiRed
Birch TrapdoorFanSihaiGreen
Birch TrapdoorFanSihaiBlue
Birch TrapdoorFanRegalia
Birch TrapdoorFanRed
Birch TrapdoorFanPurple
Birch TrapdoorFanPink
Birch TrapdoorFanGreen
Birch TrapdoorFanBlue
Birch TrapdoorFanBlack
Birch TrapdoorFanBalantagi
Dark Oak ButtonTricorneWhiteGold
Dark Oak ButtonTricorneBrownLeather
Dark Oak ButtonTricorneBlackSimple
Dark Oak ButtonTricorneBlackGold
Dark Oak ButtonTricorne
Dark Oak ButtonPlagueMask
Dark Oak ButtonDerbyYellow
Dark Oak ButtonDerbyWhite
Dark Oak ButtonDerbyRed
Dark Oak ButtonDerbyPink
Dark Oak ButtonDerbyBlack
Dark Oak ButtonBicorneWhite
Dark Oak ButtonBicorneBlack
White WoolBabySwaddle1
White WoolBabySwaddle2
White WoolBabySwaddle3
White WoolBabySwaddle4
White WoolBabySwaddle5
White WoolBabySwaddle6
White WoolBabySwaddle7
White WoolBabySwaddle8
White WoolBabySwaddle9
White WoolBabySwaddle10
White WoolBabySwaddle11
White WoolBabySwaddle12
White WoolBabySwaddle13
White WoolBabySwaddle14
White WoolBabySwaddle15
White WoolBabySwaddle16
Glass Bottle or Potionwineglass1
Grey Woolblackpig
Grey Woolcaramelpig
Grey Woolcreampig
Grey Woolpossum
Grey Woolpossumbaby
Grey Woolsitkapig
Grey Woolspottedpig
Grey Woolstripedpig
Grey Woolvampirepig
Grey Woolwizardpossum
Yellow Woolasaredushrine
Yellow Woolbaskarrshrine
Yellow Wooldragonshrine
Yellow Woolemendedshrine
Yellow Woolestellonshrine
Yellow Woolevintarianshrine
Yellow Woololdgodshrine
Yellow Woolunionistshrine
Yellow Woolvoidshrine