Massive Plugin Suite

While some MassiveCraft plugins are available open source, please note that there is no official support provided for these plugins.

Users are responsible for their own implementation, customization, and troubleshooting. Please refer to the respective documentation and community resources for assistance.

MassiveCraft Philosophy

At MassiveCraft, we value community collaboration and contributions. That’s why some of our plugins are open source, allowing talented members of our community to actively participate in their development. We believe in fostering a sense of shared ownership and creativity. However, there are certain plugins that remain closed source. This is primarily to safeguard unique features, maintain server balance, and ensure the integrity of our gameplay experience.

We encourage individuals who are passionate about coding and plugin development to consider joining our staff team. Our Tech Department is always on the lookout for dedicated members to contribute their skills and expertise. By becoming part of the team, you can actively shape the future of MassiveCraft and leave a lasting impact on our ever-evolving server.

Plugin Support

The MassiveCraft team greatly appreciates the vibrant and enthusiastic community that has grown around our server. We understand that many players are interested in the various plugins and resources developed by members of our community, such as Cayorion’s plugins and the open-source MassiveCraft Plugin Suite.

While these plugins and resources have contributed to the diversity and richness of the MassiveCraft experience, it’s important to note that they are not officially supported by the MassiveCraft team. This means that we do not provide direct assistance, troubleshooting, or maintenance for these plugins. We do not provide assistance in any of our public discords, Gitlab, or via our contact form.

All documentation, downloads, and other resources related to these plugins and the open-source MassiveCraft Plugin Suite are provided as-is. This means that any questions, issues, or concerns should be directed to the respective plugin’s community or support channels.

Plugin Categories

  • Open Source

    Open source plugins are provided as-is. Please use available documentation to compile and use these plugins.

  • Closed Source

    Closed source plugins are not available to be downloaded or compiled.

  • Third Party

    Third party plugins are not created by MassiveCraft. You may purchase them or compile them from official sources.

Open Source Plugins

  • CreativeGates: Instantly travel across vast distances by creating and utilizing custom teleportation gates.
  • Factions: Establish alliances, wage wars, and conquer territories in an epic multiplayer experience.
  • MassiveBooks: Immerse yourself in captivating stories and share your own adventures through interactive books.
  • MassiveCore: The essential backbone that powers all MassiveCraft plugins, ensuring smooth functionality.
  • MassiveGates: No documentation available.
  • MassiveHat: Express your style by wearing any block or item as a fashionable headpiece.
  • MassiveMPM: Massive’s Fork of the MorePlayerModels Spigot plugin.
  • Vampire: Embrace the darkness as a bloodthirsty vampire, gaining supernatural powers and roaming the night.

Closed Source Plugins

Third-Party Plugins

  • AreaShop
  • BetonQuest
  • Citizens
  • CleanroomGenerator
  • Codex
  • ColoredAnvils
  • ColoredSigns
  • CratesPlus
  • DecoHeads
  • dynmap
  • EntityDetection
  • Essentials
  • FarmLimiter
  • FastAsyncWorldEdit (WorldEdit)
  • GSit
  • HolographicDisplays
  • Insights
  • LibsDisguises
  • MCAuthenticator
  • mcMMO
  • MCPets
  • ModelEngine
  • MythicCrucible
  • MythicMobs
  • PlaceholderAPI
  • PlotSquared
  • PorteCoulissante
  • Prism
  • ProtocolLib
  • Sentinel
  • SimplePets
  • spark
  • Spartan
  • TutorialCreator
  • VanityEnchants
  • Vault
  • Votifier
  • VPNGuard
  • WGRegionEvents
  • WorldBorder
  • WorldGuard

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