Factions Dynmap

The Factions Dynmap plugin takes your MassiveCraft Factions experience to a whole new level of immersion and exploration. With this powerful plugin, you can now visualize your faction’s territory and the world around you in real-time on an interactive dynamic map.


FactionsDynmap is an expansion for Factions.

With this expansion, factions are displayed on Dynmap. You will see the territory, home location, member count, age of the faction, and more.

So what is the difference between FactionsDynmap and Dynmap-Factions? The plugin Dynmap-Factions is developed by the Dynmap author. The plugin FactionsDynmap is developed right here on MassiveCraft directly by the Factions authors. It offers more features and most importantly makes use of parallel programing to offload the main server thread and avoid the long lag spikes caused by Dynmap-Factions.


  • Parallel Programming to offload the main server thread.
  • Fewer lag spikes.
  • Built by the Factions Developers.


/f dynmap

The base command simply displays a help page with all available sub commands.


/f dynmap version

This command displays some meta information about the expansion plugin.

This information isn’t that relevant to game play. You can use it to see what version of the expansion plugin is installed.