Massive 1.8 Styled PvP

Welcome to the heart-pounding world of Player versus Player (PvP) on MassiveCraft, where fierce battles, strategic gameplay, and adrenaline-pumping combat define the ultimate competitive experience. Prepare to test your skills, wits, and courage as you engage in thrilling conflicts against other players in the ever-evolving landscape of medieval fantasy.


Prepare yourself for adrenaline-fueled battles and strategic warfare in the 1.8 styled PvP game mode on MassiveCraft. Step into a dynamic and competitive environment where players engage in fierce combat, testing their skills, tactics, and teamwork to the limit.

Experience the thrill of intense player versus player encounters, where every decision and every swing of your weapon can determine victory or defeat. Engage in epic sieges, as factions clash in epic battles for control over valuable territories, utilizing advanced tactics and siege weaponry to breach enemy defenses and claim victory.

Immerse yourself in a world of relentless competition, where skillful mastery of combat mechanics and quick thinking are essential for survival. Hone your abilities through relentless practice, leveling up your PvP skills to become a formidable force on the battlefield. Explore diverse PvP arenas and battlegrounds, each offering unique challenges and opportunities for strategic maneuvering.

Whether you’re a solo player seeking thrilling duels or a part of a mighty faction aiming for dominance, the PvP game mode on MassiveCraft provides an exhilarating experience for PvP enthusiasts. Gather your allies, sharpen your blades, and embark on a quest for glory and supremacy in the realms of PvP. Are you ready to face the ultimate test of skill and courage? Join the fray on MassiveCraft and let your prowess shine on the battlefield.

So what are you waiting for? Join us today and show off your skills on the battlefield!


Factions PvP

Settle disputes with other Factions by going to war! Get loot, money and player heads from combat to display as trophies. You can be an evil Faction, declaring war and fighting everyone, or be a bastion of justice, standing against evildoers and helping out allies who are under attack. Our set of rules and guidelines make sure Factions PvP is a meaningful and thrilling experience. Winning a declared war brings rewards for the winning side, and punishments for the losers. Losing Factions have to pay tribute for their safety and peace for a certain amount of time, rewarding people who are skilled in PvP with gold, items and fame or infamy!

  • 54 backpack slots (/bp) which do not drop upon death!
  • Armor slots do not drop upon death!
  • The use of some items become disabled when you enter PVP: Creative Gate Portals, Elytras, Invisibility, Slow Falling, and Slowness IV potion effects.
  • When you are hit or perform a hit, a 30 second timer begins in which if you log out, all of your inventory items drop!


MassiveCraft is home to our very own KitPvP server! Compete for the top of the leaderboard in 1v1s, 2v2s, team fights and FFA. New kits and other features are continually being added, so keep an eye out for new additions to this area! Test out different MassiveRaces to see what you like, and kill your enemies with a variety of different methods. Your KitPvP inventory is separate from your Factions inventory. This means there’s no risk of losing your hard earned Factions potions, items, and armor on death!


MassiveCraft houses its own unique Races plugin that allows players to become one of the races in the server’s original lore. MassiveRaces grants access to a plethora of abilities, ranging from standard vanilla PvP combat upgrades, to magic fire blasts, lightning strikes and mob summoning. The plugin flaunts an original leveling system, allowing you to upgrade your race by doing its respective task on an hourly basis. Strategy and teamwork are the name of the game in MassiveCraft PvP.


Terrorize the night with MassiveCraft’s vampire plugin. Vampires jump twice as high compared to normal players and deal 15% more damage to their victims! Vampires feed off of other players, simply by attacking their victims or by being offered blood. MassiveCraft vampires can go into a bloodlust, increasing their speed and jump by two times and increasing their attack damage by an extra 15% to their original damage! Spread the curse with a 5% intended infection bonus, making it easier to bring others into vampirism. Being a terror of the night makes vampires weakened to sunlight, causing them to burst into flames after spending too much time in the sun. Vampires are unholy creatures, giving them a weakness to holy water and wooden weapons.


The PvP on our Factions maps are enhanced slightly by the MCMMO plugin. Adding skills vital to combat such as Acrobatics, Swords, and Axes, these tools will likely be vital in your PvP journey! Will you level your skills and climb the ranks to become the definitive sword master of MassiveCraft? Or will you become a jack of all trades? With the MCMMO plugin, even more opportunities are provided for you to prove your worth.

Staff Held Events

MassiveCraft Staff work tirelessly to create and host unique and engaging PvP events for you to enjoy. From classics such as PvP Tournaments and KOTH, to alternative events such as Hunger Games, Red Rover, and Archery, various avenues are provided for you to demonstrate your skill and combat prowess to the server! Compete and win these events to win exclusive and powerful prizes, and establish your legacy on the server for years to come. Remember, the Staff are continuously adding new events for you to try, so always be on the lookout for new activities!


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