MassiveRaces Overview and Player Guide

Delve into the enchanting world of MassiveRaces, the extraordinary plugin that breathes life into the realms of fantasy on the MassiveCraft Minecraft server. Immerse yourself in a captivating universe where you can choose from a diverse array of unique and mythical races.

About MassiveRaces

MassiveRaces is MassiveCraft’s unique plugin that brings a whole new dimension to your gameplay. Immerse yourself in a world of diverse fantasy races and unlock the power and abilities that come with them. Choose from a variety of fascinating races, each with its own strengths, weaknesses, and distinctive traits. Whether you aspire to be a nimble Elf, a mighty Orc, a wise Dwarf, or any other fantastical creature, MassiveRaces allows you to fully embrace your chosen identity.

This class-based system adds depth and strategy to your adventures. Harness the special racial abilities and powers unique to your race, granting you an edge in combat, exploration, or even crafting. Unleash your inner potential and become a force to be reckoned with in the world of MassiveCraft.


  • Each race has 3 unlockable abilities and 1 ultimate move.

  • Complete tasks to unlock abilities that grant bonuses to different gameplay types. (PVP, crafting, etc).

  • You cannot become any race if you are a Vampire, and vice versa.


Command Description
/race ?,h,help Displays help information for MassiveRaces.
/race abilities,show Check your races abilities.
/race be Set or change your race.
/race config Edit config.
/race cr,cc,cooldownclear,cooldownreset Clear ultimate cooldown.
/race info Provides information about a race.
/race leave Quit your race.
/race level Show your level.
/race list List all races.
/race preference,pref,p Set your ability preference.
/race search <race> List players by race and level.
/race set <player> Force race change.
/race stats,statistics,dist,distribution See race statistics.
/race ultimate Use your ultimate ability.
/race version Display plugin version.



Level 1 Ability: Human Tenacity – Grants Absorption 2 for 10 seconds when 3.0 hearts or more damage is taken. Can only activate once every 1 minute after disappearing.

Level 2 Ability: Resourceful Ingenuity – 10.0% boost to both McMMO and Vanilla XP. Stacks with other XP modifiers.

Level 3 Ability: Cooperated Strength – All experience abilities for Ailor are buffed when close to other Ailor. (Less than 20 blocks), for 5.0% for each Ailor up to to a total of 15.0%. For example 10.0% XP bonus becomes 25.0%.

Level 4 Ultimate Ability: Lineage Adaptability – Once every 20 minutes, choose one effect that lasts for 1 minute and 30 seconds after activation from the following by typing /race preference:

  • Increased Speed by 5.0%.
  • Increased damage by 12.5%.
  • Automatic debuff clears (including levitation and slow falling) for 1 minute and 30 seconds while the ability is active.

Level Advancement Task: Enchant 5 weapons. High level enchantments count for 2. (Efficiency 5, Sharpness 5, Protection 4, Unbreaking 3). Can be done every 15 minutes.


Level 1 Ability: Resilient Knack – Passive Water Breathing. Additionally, deal 20.0% more damage while in water.

Level 2 Ability: Adaptive Swimming – Able to fly in lava, water, and web. Disabled in combat. Toggle with /race adaptive.

Level 3 Ability: Hardened Scales – Receive resistance 1 while in water or when in the rain.

Level 4 Ultimate Ability: Venomous Bite – Once every 20 minutes, for 2 minutes at a time, Venomous Bite is activated. This inflicts Poison 2 for 5 seconds every 5 hits with any item. Additionally, hit a player with a pufferfish 3 times to inflict a paralysing effect (Slowness 11 for 4 seconds).

Level Advancement Task: Brew 36 potions. Can be done every 15 minutes.

High Elf

Level 1 Ability: Living Mastery – Choose a weapon using type in which damage is increased by 7.5%. However, damage received is also increased from all other weapons by 5.0%. Use /race preference.

Level 2 Ability: Fireball – Every 20 seconds, press swap item while holding a fire charge in your main hand to shoot a fireball that will detonate in a radius of 3.0 blocks and do 3.0 hearts of damage. The fireball will also set nearby enemies on fire for 10 seconds.

Level 3 Ability: Nimble Mind – All mcMMO instant use abilities are increased by 8 seconds in their duration.

Level 4 Ultimate Ability: Pantheon’s Wrath – Once every 20 minutes, activate an ability that strikes all enemies/neutrals and hostile mobs in a 10 block radius with lightning every 5 seconds for 40 seconds total doing an additional 3 hearts per hit through armor.

Level Advancement Task: Enchant 5 books or combine 5 already enchanted books using an anvil every 1 hour. High level enchants count for 2 for this activity. Can be done every 15 minutes.


Level 1 Ability: Hardy Immunity – Passive immunity to blindness, harming, levitation, nausea, poison, slow falling, slowness, weakness, and wither from other players. Immunity does not prevent effects from self applied splash potions or racial ultimates.

Level 2 Ability: Stalwart Health – Passive regeneration 1 and Haste 1.

Level 3 Ability: Steady Luck – 25.0% chance for an additional drop when mining. Regal drop rates from mobs are increased in chance by 20.0%. Toggle messages with /race steadyluck.

Level 4 Ultimate Ability: Ancient Soul – Once every 20 minutes, a Dwarf may activate a 20 seconds period of Resistance 4. Afterwards, their hunger is reduced to half.

Level Advancement Task: Mine 3 stacks of ore blocks or smelt 1 stack of ore. Can be done every 15 minutes.

Snow Elf

Level 1 Ability: Precise Shot – Bow headshots do 30.0% more damage against players. 25% chance when striking someone with an arrow to dampen their armor, causing them to take 10% more damage for 8 seconds.

Level 2 Ability: Chilling Touch – Toggleable & passive frost-walker with /race chillingtouch.

Level 3 Ability: Shattering Blow – 10.0% chance when striking someone with an arrow to deal 5 durability damage to all pieces of armor worn by that player at once.

Level 4 Ultimate Ability: Frozen Blast – Once every 20 minutes, activate Frozen Blast for 2 minutes25.0% chance when firing an arrow for it to explode in AoE with an explosion power of 2.5.

Level Advancement Task: Kill 2 players or 50 mobs with a bow. Can be done every 15 minutes.

Dark Elf

Level 1 Ability: Undead Symbiosis – Passive truce to all hostile mobs. They will not attack the Kathar unless provoked.

Level 2 Ability: Burning Strike – As long as there is a single hostile mob within 50 blocks, Kathars deal 7.5% more damage.

Level 3 Ability: Necrotic Summoning – Once every 6 minutes, a Kathar player may summon one of the following to aid them in Combat for 5 minutes or until killed. Use /race preference:

  • Champion of Rage
  • Champion of Secrets
  • Champion of Want

Level 4 Ultimate Ability: Ritual of Teleportation – Once every 20 minutes for 2 minutes, a Kathar player may summon a stationary mob. The Kathar player may then reactivate this ability to switch places with the summoned mob, if it is still within 50 blocks.

Level Advancement Task: Kill 2 players or 50 animals with any weapon. Can be done every 15 minutes.


Level 1 Ability: Enduring Strikes – Passive 12.5% damage increase with any melee weapon, but take 10.0% more damage from bows and tridents.

Level 2 Ability: Devastating Blows – Passive 10.0% chance per hit to deal an increased 5 armor damage to every piece of armour worn by a mob or player. In addition, deal a passive 10% bonus damage to undead mob types.

Level 3 Ability: Stoutful Vitality – All potion effects bestowed on an Eronidas last 10% longer. This includes debuffs.

Level 4 Ultimate Ability: Rageful Might – Every 20 minutes, activate a period of 20 seconds where hits deal 20% extra damage. This serves as an increase to Enduring Strikes, and does not stack with it.

Level Advancement Task: Kill 2 players or 50 mobs with an axe. Can be done every 15 minutes.


Level 1 Ability: Defensive Fortification – 10.0% less damage is taken when in your faction or ally territory. Additionally, when firing an arrow from a crossbow, there is a 20.0% chance the arrow will not be consumed.

Level 2 Ability: Heat Adaptability – When the light level is greater than 10, Qadirs will gain 1.5 times the food that would normally be gained.

Level 3 Ability: Clockwork Bomb – Every 30 seconds Qadirs can throw a bomb that takes 5 seconds to detonate. Upon detonation, enemies within 10 blocks will receive 4.0 hearts of damage in addition to explosive damage. Clockwork bombs can be crafted with a gold ingot and iron nugget.

Level 4 Ultimate Ability: Sariyd Gift – Once every 20 minutes for 30 seconds, a Qadir player gets Resistance 1 and Health Boost 2. During this time, 20.0% of damage to allies will be transferred to the Qadir in a radius of 10 blocks as long as their health is above 5 hearts.

Level Advancement Task: Enchant 3 crossbows. High level enchants count for 3 (Unbreaking 3 & Piercing 4). Can be done every 15 minutes.


Level 1 Ability: Keen Sense – Passive Night Vision 1 is enabled permanently. Additionally, any invisible or sneaking faction neutral or enemy within a 20 block radius of the Url will trigger a growling sound. Toggleale with /race keensense.

Level 2 Ability: Uncanny Storage – Allows Beastmen players to access their enderchest through /ec. Does not work when in combat.

Level 3 Ability: Furious Blows – Permanent 30.0% damage increase when using unarmed fists. Stacks with McMMO Unarmed.

Level 4 Ultimate Ability: Beast Charge – Once every 20 minutes, for 2 minutes at a time, Beastmen may dash forward, dealing a shockwave effect giving faction enemies and neutrals within a 5 block radius Slowness 1 for 20 seconds and Weakness 1 for 20 seconds. The cooldown between charges is 5 seconds.

Level Advancement Task: Kill 2 players or 50 mobs with your fist. Can be done every 15 minutes.


Level 1 Ability: Synthetic Healing – When there are at least 3 blocks of vegetation within a 3 block radius. Yanars gain passive Regeneration 1.

Level 2 Ability: Prodigious Growth – Similar to herbalism green thumb, when a Yanar plant seeds/crops, they will be started at stage 3/8.

Level 3 Ability: Sprouting Aura – Shift and left click with bone meal in your hand and boost the crops/ground around you for 2 blocks in every direction!

Level 4 Ultimate Ability: Grand Harvest – Once every 20 minutes for 1 minute and 30 seconds, the Yanar , their faction members, allies, and truces are healed for 3.0 hearts in a 15 block radius every 5 seconds. The Yanar must be combat tagged or be below half health to use this ability. If the Yanar is not combat tagged, the effect only applies to the Yanar. The healing amount is divided by the amount of Yanars in a 30 block radius.

Level Advancement Task: Plant 100 crops or saplings. Can be done every 15 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each race has its pros and cons depending your playstyle. Choose the race that corresponds to how you like to play!