Massive Game Modes

Explore the diverse realms of MassiveCraft! Immerse yourself in epic adventures across our captivating Minecraft game modes, including roleplay, factions, creative, and more.


Immerse yourself in a world of custom plugins, enhancing your gameplay experience like never before.


Unleash your boundless creativity and build your wildest dreams without restrictions.


Brace yourself for thrilling action-packed battles that will keep you on the edge of your seat.


Experience a server that is constantly improving and evolving to deliver the best gameplay possible.

MassiveCraft Factions

Play on the server where Minecraft Factions began. Join the fierce world of factions where strategic alliances, epic battles, and intense rivalries shape the land.

  • Kingdoms & Sieges Expansions
  • Multiple Worlds to Conquer

  • Protected Factions


Embark on an epic survival journey in the MassiveCraft Minecraft SMP, where you can build, explore, and thrive in a vibrant multiplayer world.

  • Join a close-knit community of players

  • Establish thriving settlements

  • Embark on remarkable adventures

MassiveCraft Roleplay

Experience the thrill of stepping into the shoes of unique characters, engaging in intricate plots, and forging your own destiny in MassiveCraft’s engaging Minecraft roleplay game mode.

  • No Character Application Necessary

  • Medieval Setting
  • No Whitelist

MassiveCraft Creative

Let your imagination run wild as you construct magnificent creations and bring your wildest ideas to life in MassiveCraft’s immersive creative game mode.

  • Plotsquared

  • Merge Multiple Plots

  • Save Your Designs

MassiveCraft Quests

Embark on an epic Minecraft medieval RPG adventure, complete thrilling quests, and immerse yourself in a rich fantasy world with MassiveCraft’s quest game mode.

  • Multiple Quest Lines
  • Team Mechanics

  • Boss Battles

MassiveCraft PvP

Prepare yourself for adrenaline-fueled battles and strategic warfare in the 1.8 styled Minecraft PvP game mode on MassiveCraft. Step into a dynamic and competitive environment where players engage in fierce combat, testing their skills, tactics, and teamwork to the limit.

  • 1.8 Styled PvP

  • KitPvP and Arenas

  • Fantasy Race Based Class System

User Testimonials

Discover what players have to say about their unforgettable experiences on MassiveCraft!

This has to be the best server I’ve ever played on Minecraft. This isn’t a normal minecraft server, Massivecraft ascends above the rest, with all its flaws, as a shining beacon of what a good minecraft server should be. Having played on here for four years, every other server seems dumb and generic. I have many fond memories of this server, and it has been here for me during the best and worst times of my life so far. Only downside is all the time I’ve sunk into it.


Coming from experience with other role play minecraft servers, Massivecraft is most definitely the most immersive and creative out of them all, the lore staff do wonders for all the players and everyday is more enjoyable than the last! With a custom texture pack specifically for the server, there’s little to no faults with it! The world staff who make the builds for the server are very talented, with countless roleplay destinations for you to explore! There’s even quests to help support you financially in the server if fighting mobs aren’t your forté. Even the players are there to help and support newcomers with the ways of roleplay! I most definitely recommend this server to anyone looking for a fresh start, and an immersive experience.


Massivecraft is a fantastic server. The server has beautiful castle and villages across the roleplay and survival maps, helpful and kind players and staff, amazing lore, a lovely player based economy, and a community that’s great being apart of.


Telling you now- this Place is amazing! It will SUCK you in! If you want an immerisve world with a heck of a lot going on to sink your teeth into-THIS is the place!