Kingdoms Overview

Experience the ultimate realm of kingdoms on the MassiveCraft Minecraft server with our Kingdoms plugin. Unleash your strategic prowess as you establish and lead your own powerful kingdom in a world filled with political intrigue, epic battles, and thrilling conquests. Forge alliances, wage wars, and claim territories to establish your dominance. Rise to the challenge and write your own legacy in the realm of Kingdoms on MassiveCraft.


The Kingdoms plugin allows players in multiple Factions to band together under one banner to form a Kingdom. Kingdoms serve to bring allied Factions closer than ever before, with the ability to set a Kingdom home, have Kingdom-wide diplomatic relations, communicate in a Kingdom chat, and create custom Kingdom ranks and permissions to form a hierarchy. Kingdoms are lead by a Capital Faction, but other Faction leaders still remain fully in control of their own Factions!

With the Kingdoms plugin, you can engage in deep political gameplay, form alliances with other kingdoms, and wage epic wars for territorial control. Develop diplomatic strategies, negotiate treaties, and influence the balance of power in the realm. Will you be a benevolent ruler, focusing on the prosperity and well-being of your people, or a cunning conqueror, seeking dominance and expansion?


  • Create and Rule Kingdoms

    Establish your own kingdom, design its banner, and set its unique identity. Build magnificent castles, fortresses, and settlements as the seat of your power in your very own /k home.

  • Diplomacy and Alliances

    Engage in intricate political gameplay by forming alliances, negotiating treaties, and forging strategic partnerships with other kingdoms. Shape the geopolitical landscape and build a network of allies to strengthen your position.

  • Epic Wars and Sieges

    Experience the thrill of large-scale battles and sieges as kingdoms clash for dominance. Command armies, utilize powerful siege engines, and devise clever tactics to conquer enemy territories or defend your own.


Kingdom permissions allow you to manage the players, ranks, relations, or priorities that are allowed to perform certain actions within your kingdom.


/kingdoms ?,h,help [page=1]
/kingdoms announcement,announce announce to kingdom
/kingdoms banner manage kingdom banners
/kingdoms clean clean the kingdoms database
/kingdoms create,new create a kingdom
/kingdoms description,desc set a kingdom description
/kingdoms disband,delete [confirmation=] [kingdom=you] disband a kingdom
/kingdoms flag manage kingdom flags
/kingdoms home,teleport,tp [kingdom=you] teleport to kingdom home
/kingdoms invite manage kingdom invites
/kingdoms join [faction=your faction] join a kingdom
/kingdoms kick kick a faction from the kingdom
/kingdoms leave,revolt,frenchrevolution [confirmation=] leave a kingdom
/kingdoms list,l [page=1] list all kingdoms
/kingdoms mapcolor,mapcolor [kingdom=you] set the map color for a kingdom
/kingdoms money manage kingdom money
/kingdoms name [kingdom=you] set kingdom name
/kingdoms perm manage kingdom perms
/kingdoms rank,ranks manage ranks
/kingdoms relation,rel manage kingdom relations
/kingdoms sethome [kingdom=you] set kingdom home
/kingdoms show,k,kingdom,who [kingdom=you] show kingdom
/kingdoms unsethome [kingdom=you] unset kingdom home
/kingdoms config edit config
/kingdoms version display plugin version

Frequently Asked Questions

Use /f claim.


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