Mutual respect among players is the main driving factor in our rules.

Respect each other. Below you can find our rules and punishment ladder for violations. If you are still unsure whether something is against the rules, ask a staff member. If you need additional assistance on the server, consider opening a ticket in our Discord.

Global Rules

Game Mode Rules

Other Rules

Frequently Asked Questions

By filling out a Staff Complaint on our forums. Any attempts to report staff misconduct via in-game or Discord tickets will be redirected to the proper form. Direction Staff will review your report and reply once they’ve completed their investigation.

By filling out an appeal on our forums. Any attempt to dispute a punishment via in-game ticket, discord ticket, or message to staff member will be directed to our forum appeals. Continuing to dispute via ticket or direct messages to staff members will be treated as a jail-level rule violation. If your mute or jail appeal is not acknowledged within 1 week of the appeal’s creation, we will automatically remove the punishment from your record. Ban appeals do not apply.

You can view your record by typing /player. This will display your player profile. To remove a punishment from your record, follow our rules for a minimum of 1 month for mute violations, 3 months for jail violations, and 1 year for ban violations. Then, send in an appeal to remove a punishment record on our forums. If you have followed our rules and write a strong appeal, we will typically remove your punishment record.


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