Common sense is our main driving factor in the rules

In general ,respect each other and do not run around ruining the atmosphere for others just so you can have fun. Below you can find more in-depth explanations of the main rules. If you are still unsure whether something is against the rules, ask a staff member. Even if a rule is unclear, ask a staff member, as the staff’s interpretation of the rules is the only valid one. Remember, the rules below are summarized and simplified to give players a decent understanding of them. If you want to know more, you can follow the links provided for further information.

Respect the Freedoms and Rights of other players

Follow the rules

You should never troll, harass or otherwise ruin the gameplay of another player. This extends but is not limited to trolling with usernames, bullying, chat harassment and other forms of trolling. If you do not want a player to talk to you, use the /ignore command.

Respect the Staff of the Server

Be patient with the staff

Staff members are here to help the players and keep the peace on the server. We ask all players to respect their position and not go out of their way to make a Staff member’s work difficult. Staff members pour great amounts of their free time in to the server.

  • Do not backseat moderate.
  • Do not spam the ticket system.
  • Do not harass or otherwise attack staff for being staff.
  • All staff are different, everyone is not in the same department and not everyone is the same rank or have the same training to help you with all issues. The best way to get help is to make a ticket with /ti create and wait for staff to respond.

Respect the environment of Regalia

Do not disrupt Roleplay

Regalia is a strict roleplay world. This means you should not run around in a lore incompliant skin breaking roleplay rules. Regalia has specific Roleplay Staff which can be contacted by doing /ti c [your question].

  • Do not disrupt the roleplay of others.
  • Do not misuse More Player Models.
  • Do not force your RP on others.
  • ERP in public is not allowed.
  • Regarding skins; Editing a skin is fine, but if the real owner of a skin asks you to remove it, you should do so immediately and failing to do so will lead to jailtime.
  • Using disguises in Regalia to troll/disrupt RP will not be tolerated.

Respect the server’s Build Identity

Use a medieval skin
Massivecraft as a server strongly identifies as a Medieval server. This means we request all players to stick to a Medieval build style for their factions, or at least close to that historical period.

  • Do not build modern structures.
  • Do not build massive cobblestone walls.
  • There are no rules on what not to build underground.

Play fair and keep the game fun for everyone

Adhere to a medieval build style

Obviously, raiding isn’t fun for everyone, especially the people who are being raided. All players are asked to keep things fair and not raid for too long. While raiding, players are also encouraged to stay fair and keep civil towards the people they are raiding.

  • Do not troll players while raiding them or players raiding you!
  • You may raid anyone for 3-5 hours every day. If you exceede this a staff member may ask you to step back and stop for the day.
  • Faction hopping to circumvent a factions surrender is not allowed.
  • If a faction wants to surrender with max tribute they ALWAYS have the ability to do so. An attacker can not refuse max tribute.

Respect the conduct of Warfare

Do not use nick names to troll

On MassiveCraft, you can raid anyone for any reason. However, the person being raided should always have the right and ability to force an end to a war. The server does not see a difference between a raid and a war. When you /enemy someone, it is a war. Read more intricate War Declaration Rules here: War Declaration Rules and Explanation

  • The term “Max Tribute” is defined as the total number of faction members of the smallest faction in a conflict times 50 plus 300 Regals. This Max Tribute may be used by any party in a conflict to force an immediate end to said conflict.
  • When Max Tribute is given, a war/conflict must end. A truce will be forced for 30 days between the factions. Truces may only be broken by the surrendering faction. Surrender terms may differ based on negotiations, but Max tribute is a rule enforced method of ending war.
  • Do not abuse faction hopping, game mechanics or alt factions to continue a conflict with another faction.
  • As soon as you /enemy someone, you may raid them any day of the week, within reasonable limits of upwards of 3-5 hours a day.

Do not grief others, verbally or physically

Adhere to the Raid & War Rules

Griefing is understood as intentionally destroying the build of another to ruin their day. Alternatively what is also griefing, is harvesting a building of another person of blocks for personal use. Always see if a player is still using a building. If not, have the decency to at least replace blocks.

  • Breaking entry into a building is never grief, as long as the hole is small.
  • Animals and crops cannot be griefed, they can be killed and harvested.
  • Making large dirt/cobble pillars to jump over enemy walls without removing them yourself after use is griefing.
  • Do not invite players to your faction just to steal their items and then kick them. All players should feel safe to join a faction and be cooperative and protected.
  • Joining a faction for the sole purpose of stealing their items and swiftly leaving is not allowed. Factions are a safe haven and they should feel safe to have players join them without the fear of players joining simply to rob them.

Respect the boundaries of the Chat Channels

Report complaints on the forums

MassiveCraft has an extensive Chat plugin that has a number of Chat Channels for specific purposes. We ask the players to both respect the boundaries of the Chat Channels, as well as maintaining a civil approach to chatting with others.

  • Do not misuse chat channels for something else than their purpose.
  • Do not complain or otherwise accuse others in public chat channels. Report rule breakers and cheaters on the forum or trough the ticket service.
  • Do not impersonate staff.

Do not cheat, abuse or otherwise glitch

Do not spam or abuse the ticket system
MassiveCraft does not allow any form of cheating, either through hacked clients, abuse of plugins or otherwise bug abusing. This covers known, existing bugs or glitches or cheats, but also future ones, including but not limited to duping, afk grinding, plugin abuse etc.

  • Never accuse another player of cheating publicly. Report them.
  • Report any suspicious behavior that might allude to cheating.
  • Report any glitches/bugs and do not abuse them.
  • Abusing repeatable quests that award money for example by using multiple alt accounts is not allowed.
  • Abusing plugin tools that are used to simplify commands (like Hawkeye and MassiveLock tools) is not allowed (for example: Selling, Building, crafting)

Do not abuse in game mechanics or plugins

Do not scam people

Over time, plugins may reveal features that do not function as they were intended. Players should never use a plugin or standard Minecraft mechanic in such a way to circumvent gameplay features. A good example of this is using hoppers to steal weapons dropped by MCMMO. Do not loophole around plugins or features in general.

  • Anything causing lag may be removed by Staff.
  • Do not use any of the plugins to spam.
  • Do not break Minecraft mechanics through plugins or vice versa.

Regalian House Rules

  • You may not alter the exterior of any building, either through use of pistons or accidental access to the region that overlaps outside walls. Altering the exterior of a building in Regalia is counted as griefing. You will be evicted without a refund.
  • You may alter the interior of your house in whatever way you please.
  • Only shop houses come with a shop sign out on the street. If your house has no existing shop sign, none will be made for you.
  • You may rent as many houses in Regalia as the plugin allows you to but only 1 MarketPlace Shop. If you own to many then you may have to unrent one of your Regalian houses to get a MarketPlace Shop.
  • Use /ticket if you want the color of your windows to be changed of if you suspect there is an error in your region.
  • For more information about AreaShop and housing go to this page:

MarketPlace Shop Rules

  • You may not make portals in your market shop. Any portals found will be removed and you may face a non revocable eviction without refund.
  • You may only own 1 shop in the Market including any alt accounts. If you own more the staff will evict all your market shops without a refund.
  • You may not abuse chestshops to display unrealistic buy and sell numbers
  • If you need to sell or get evicted from your Marketplace shop use /ticket create to request a staffmembers help.
  • In the marketplace we do NOT allow the use of itemframes! This is to reduce the amount of lag in this area. Itemframes will be removed and content destroyed without compensation.

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