Server Rules

Mutual respect among players is the main driving factor in our rules. If you are still unsure whether something is against the rules, ask a staff member. If you need additional assistance on the server, consider opening a ticket in our Discord.

Lag Reduction

  • Do not build large redstone contraptions or mob farms. These may be removed by staff without warning.
  • Do not build item sorters.
  • Do not build constantly pulsing redstone circuits or flying machines.
  • Do not move mobs with water, carts, or pistons.
  • Do not move an excessive number of items with water, carts, or pistons.
  • Create a MassiveTicket to preclear a build with staff.
  • Mobs will automatically despawn when more than 50 of the same type are grouped.


  • Do not build overly non-medieval, offensive, box-like-structures, or equally uncreative builds.
  • Do not build a large, unraidable structure to house several smaller builds above ground.
  • Do not build visually unappealing floating builds.
  • Create a MassiveTicket with /ti c (message) if you’re unsure if your build is acceptable. You may also make a ticket by direct messaging the Ticket? DM Me! Bot on Discord.
  • Raid bases are not allowed.

Raiding and Sieging

  • Do not invite a player to a faction then kick and kill said player.
  • Do not raid a faction under 30 days old for more than a 3 hour block per week. Raid week resets on Sunday during regular server restart.
  • Do not have a faction claim that cannot be sieged by having less than half of its borders with direct contact to Wilderness.
  • Do not feed (i.e. dying unnaturally often) during a Siege, causing the enemy score to inflate.
  • Do not use a faction claimed raid base (i.e. safehouse, portal location, supply depot) near an enemy faction or Siege zone. Any claim older than 2 weeks is exempted from this rule.
  • Do not disband your faction to escape the consequences of losing a siege. If you do this we will recreate the faction, add it to the conquering kingdom, and siege lock it into that kingdom for an even longer period of time. The factions plugin will be updated in the near future to prevent this from occurring, until then, don’t do it.

Alternate Accounts

  • A main account is defined as the account which a player spends the most time on the server and is used as the name when referring to a particular player.​
  • An alternate account (alt-account or alt for short) is an account which has been used to log into the server by the same player using a main account in the last 30 days.​
  • An alt-faction is defined as a faction being led by an alt account.​
  • Do not use Alts to artificially increase mob spawns in your area.
  • Do not use Alts to spy on enemy factions, steal items, gain access, or perform actions you would not be able to on your main account.
  • Do not use Alts to avoid Server Punishments. This will result of re-instatement of the original punishment length or longer depending on severity.
  • Do not use Alts to spam rewards from Quests or other free item systems.

Alt-Accounts in Factions

  • A single player can hold up to 3 factions maximum (one main and two alt-factions).
  • The maximum number of alt-accounts a faction may have at any given time is 6. Exceeding this will result in the alt-accounts being banned and land unclaimed.
  • The number of alt-accounts in a faction may not exceed twice the number of main accounts at any given time (2 alts per main with a maximum of 6 alts total).
  • Alt-accounts in a faction must have a title designating them as an alt.


  • Alt factions are not allowed in Ithania or Ravanna.

Trap Rules

  • Do not create traps that one cannot be removed from, such as a room that keeps you constantly moving or prevents you from typing.
  • Any trap that involves a portal must include 2 visible portal blocks on the entrance, unobstructed from both sides.
  • Excessive portal traps around a build are not permitted.
  • A trap is defined as an enclosure in which a player cannot freely exit.

Market Rules

  • Owning a market shop without any chest shops inside is not permitted.
  • Players are only allowed 1 shop. Any alt shops will be swiftly removed with no refunds.​
  • No beds, end portals, nether portals, item frames or excessive use of banners or armor stands, etc. as this will help with reducing lag.​
  • Shops will need at least 1 stocked shop lock inside the market region from the Shop owner.
  • Any chest in the market that is not stocked with items for more than 1 week is at liberty to be removed by staff.
  • Do not use Glow Ink Sacs on signs in the market. These cause FPS drops for everyone that turns towards their direction.
  • The owner of a shop breaking a rule will be mailed. If the shop has not been fixed within 1 week, the shop will be forcefully unrented without refund.


  • In unclaimed land, you may break any and all blocks, but you may not perform excessive ugly griefing by placing blocks (ex: lava casts, inappropriate signs).
  • In claimed land belonging to a player who has not specifically granted your account permission via faction perms, you may not break any blocks, with the exception of a small hole (typically 2×1) if necessary to enter.
  • Do not build large ugly structures near another player’s claimed land.
  • A Faction Owner has the right to demolish or alter any builds in their own Faction.

Glitches, Bugs, and Mechanics

  • Do not abuse glitches. Examples include stair glitching, ender pearl glitching, block-glitching, and door-hitting. Rectify accidental glitching by discontinuing any advances.
  • Do not abuse plugin mechanics. Examples include locking every block of a build, using hoppers to steal from locked chests, or frequently altering your /ignore list.
  • Do not abuse bugs. Please report any bugs here.
  • Taking world downloads of an area for the purpose of locating portals, hidden contraptions, or other valuables is not permitted.
  • Ender Pearl stasis tubes are not allowed.
  • Leveling MCMMO stats via abusing a mechanic or AFK grinding MCMMO will result in the stat being reset.
  • Severe cases of abuse will result in bans.

Client Modifications

  • Do not use client modifications which give you unfair advantages.
  • Do not use autoclickers, macros, or hardware features which give you unfair advantages. The exception of legal macro use is to activate race ultimate abilities or vampire bloodlust.
  • Irregular clicking methods such as butterfly and drag clicking are not allowed.
  • Using an illegal client modification while leveling MCMMO will result in MCMMO stat reset.

Allowed Modifications

  • Client performance improvement mods (such as FPS improvement mods).
  • Aesthetic modifications (such as shaders).
  • Armor and Effect Status HUD mods which do not indicate player locations.
  • Brightness and gamma adjustment mods.
  • Schematic building mods such as LiteMatica or Schematica.

Faction Claim Abuse

Certain Faction Claim methods are called abuse. This is because these claim patterns are used by players with the malicious intention to disrupt the game play of other people, as well as bloat their claim beyond what is reasonable. Staff have specific responses to these kinds of claim abuse, which are all detailed below. Keep in mind, Staff do not patrol Dynmap every day. It is important for players and faction members alike to make in game tickets to report any claim abuse that they are aware of in order for it to get fixed. Staff are not omnipotent and aware of every claim abuse at all times, and need the help of the players to stay on top of it all.

  • These rules apply for claims that are largely completed, meaning no-one is actively claiming currently to fix the claim.
  • If a claim stays unchanged on DynMap for over an hour, it is considered not being actively claimed, and liable to staff intervention.
Claim Abuse Type Image Clarification Staff Response
Perfect Claims These are perfect claims and there is nothing wrong with them, added to the list for contextual reference towards the other images.
Bridge Claim Bridge Claims are illegal because they make use of the lack of blobbing mechanics to extend the full Claim Near beyond what the faction normally. If staff verify such a Claim Bridge, a request will be sent to the faction to make sure such a bridge is at least 6 in 10 as wide as it is long. For example, if such a bridge is 10 chunks long, it needs to be 6 chunks wide. If it is 5 chunks long, it needs to be 3 chunks wide, and so forth.
Shotgun Claim Shotgun Claims are some of the worst Claim abuses possible. They lock down an entire area without the actual power to keep it up. If such a claim is found, Staff will not warn the faction, and simply unclaim all chunks away that are not connected to the /f home chunk.
Pincer Claim Pincer Claims or Crab Claims can be seen as ways that players use to deny another faction from expanding to try and bully them out of the way of their desired faction location. Such claims can be identified with long thin arms wrapping around the Claim Near of another faction. Staff will not warn the faction in question and simply unclaim the offending chunks marked in red on the image.
Dither Claim Dither Claims are used to falsely define a border between factions. They usually happen when two factions refuse to civilly resolve their border, so they just start claiming small one chunks as close as they can to prevent expansion. If such a claim is identified, Staff will not warn the faction and simply unclaim all chunks marked in red, which are essentially disconnected from the /f home claim, as well as some padding that is believed to be responsible for the Dither Claim.
Snake Claim Snake Claims represent either factions which are long strings, or factions with long strings of claims sticking out of them in a Snake-like fashion. After identifying such a claim, staff will warn the faction and simply disband the offending chunks marked in red.
Spider Claim Spider Claims can be identified with long thin claims sticking out of the main body. If staff identify such a claim, the faction will not be warned, and the claims marked in red will simply be removed.

Miscellaneous Claim Abuse

For any further Claim abuse not depicted above, for example: Surrounding another faction with claim land, surrounding an island’s coastline with claim land but not its interior to create the illusion on Dynmap that the entire island is claimed, or unreasonable faction claim shapes, there are no instant punishment regulations.

Staff will in such grey zone cases always contact the faction owner to come to some sort of solution to what we consider claim abuse, and will only resort to removing claim forcibly if the faction owners are un-cooperative. Keep in mind however, this only applies if such a grey zone claim is on an area that is considered the “home claim” in which the /f home is positioned. If such a grey zone claim is extended away from the main faction claim it will be treated as a spider claim. There will be no further punishments extended to faction members or owners for abusing claim power aside from the potential forced removal of their claims. If a faction however continues to push staff patience and renew claim abuse, the offending person who claim abused the world will end up banned.

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