Table of Contents

Guiding Principles

  • To keep our server clean of disputes, and create a discrimination free environment that encourages everyone to play.
  • MassiveCraft should be a place where everyone should be able to find entertainment without feeling bad about their personal preferences.
  • We always strive to make our server fully accessible to anyone with vanilla Minecraft.
  • We want to break down the barriers between players and our server so that it is easy to play.

MassiveCraft Then

MassiveCraft originally started as in February of 2011. The founders of the server were two players named Cayorion and NinjaBaver. The entire team was fairly small and structured with only a handful of departments. The community was small but they were entertained with all we had to offer.

As time went by new people joined and left the MassiveCraft Team. New ideas were always welcomed by our small and eager team. Things really changed around January 2013 when the Sharding Project was first announced publicly on the website. The ground breaking plan was to make our server unique and allow us to expand it to unseen heights. The Sharding Project took about six months to completely design, code, implement and debug. Roughly a month after the full implementation of the last stage however, we already doubled our player count and saw it on a steady rise.

After completing the Sharding Project, we found ourselves at a major crossroads in the MassiveCraft Universe. Before this point, we were a fairly small server with big ambitions, but little fame beyond our own community. Through the hard work and dedication of the MassiveCraft Team, but also the loyalty and support from the players, we have made it far, but there is so much more to do. We are just on the doorstep of doing so much more, achieving greater things.

At this point we started thinking about ourselves and how we wanted to continue our ambitions and evolve the future of MassiveCraft.