Factions Overview

Are you ready to conquer the wilderness and build your own empire? Then look no further than MassiveCraft’s Factions and Survival game mode! Join a faction or start your own, and battle for dominance in a hostile world filled with dangerous monsters and scarce resources.

Gather your allies, build your base, and defend your territory against rival factions and raiders. With a dynamic economy, player-run shops, and a range of exciting challenges to tackle, MassiveCraft’s Factions and Survival game mode offers endless possibilities for adventure and excitement. Join us today and experience the thrill of building, surviving, and thriving in a harsh and unforgiving world!


Welcome to MassiveCraft, the Original Minecraft Factions server!

Here, you can get the old-school factions experience on the server where it all began! In our community, you’re welcome to start your own faction or start with a group of friends. Build amazing bases, explore beautiful custom maps, and fight our customized, unique, and powerful monsters.

With more than 40 plugins, MassiveCraft offers a faction experience unlike any other!


Kingdoms & Sieges

Our Kingdoms plug-in allows for factions to form stronger allegiances and larger communities than ever before! Experience features like kingdom chat, custom dynmap colours, custom ranks, and more!

If you’re more PvP-oriented, participate in sieges against other kingdoms in a competition to become the best, biggest, richest, and most beautiful kingdom on the server!

Character Race Customization

MassiveCraft has its own custom race plugin that offers a unique take on survival.

With each task you complete, you move closer to gaining more skills, the final skill being your race ultimate, which can let you summon a Champion, grant your team extra health, and more! Our extensive list of races to choose from gives everyone a chance to excel at whatever playstyle they choose, and if you decide the race you choose isn’t to your taste, you can always join another.

Custom Maps

We have a handful of custom worlds, unlike what you’d expect from vanilla minecraft, each beautifully handcrafted by the server owner, MonMarty! Our worlds are filled to the brim with custom biome objects such as trees, rocks, and bushes to create unique layouts & add more visual diversity to the land. 

Grab your walking boots & explore remnants of ancient civilizations, gaping canyons, eerie caverns, and more! With many distinct aesthetics present in our worlds, there’s no doubt you’ll be able to find the perfect scenic spot to build the city of your dreams. Just remember it’s dangerous out there, never explore unprepared!

Custom Monsters & Creatures

Our server uses MythicMobs, and that allows us to spice up the monsters in our survival worlds. Fight against vanilla mobs or test your mettle against one of our mini-bosses, powerful monsters with pink names, health bars, and insane abilities. Mobs with yellow, green, cyan, and white names also exist but get weaker as you go down the list. Not all of these monsters are hostile either, some of them are friendly faces and you’ll be able to tame them and bring them home.

Custom Items

MassiveCraft has hundreds of unique custom items, from powerful weapons to collectibles, we’re sure you’ll find something that strikes your fancy! Custom weapons and items dropped from our MythicMobs make epic loot that can be collected, and even traded for in-game currency or other items. Go on an adventure & complete quests for eccentric baubles, take a second to vote for the server and receive special items as a thank you, or join in the fun at some of MassiveCraft’s very own survival events to win rare armours and weapons as prizes!

Unique Events

On MassiveCraft, our staff and members of our community work hard to bring fun events to our survival worlds. You can participate in seasonal festivals, PvP tournaments, PvE battles, and a variety of minigames designed and built by both staff and players. While most of our events are hosted by staff, but players can also get involved & host their own amazing events with their friends!

If you’re looking for something to do feel free to go to /tp parkour to try your skills in the Gauntlet. Stay tuned to our announcements in the survival discord here to find out when events are planned!

Community Focused

Here on MassiveCraft we boast one of the oldest survival minecraft communities to date. With many talented builders, imaginative lore-writers, passionate pvpers, and experienced survivalists you’ll have no trouble finding helpful folks that share your playstyle & interests! Our community has been the framework on which this server is built for many years, and will remain that way for years to come! Join our discords to get involved & accompany us in the journey to shape the future of MassiveCraft Factions!

Player-Driven Economy

MassiveCraft’s economy is dominated by its community. Players are free to purchase stalls in-game at /tp Market, where they can sell items to other players or set up chests meant to buy items from them. They’re free to use Trade chat to auction off goods such as rare collectibles and special lore items, or visit our Forums where you can find the Marketplace and Auction House. There, members of our community sell land, rental regions, rare items, builds, and art. The MassiveCraft Survival Discord is another place where you can advertise your wares to other players to maximize your profits. MassiveMoney, which is our custom money plugin, also allows us to easily prevent inflation by looking at daily economic changes. If you’re looking to make money without dealing with other players you’re able to kill monsters, complete quests, or use /vote to keep yourself afloat!

Over 40 Plug-Ins

While we’re home to the original Factions plug-in, it doesn’t stop there. We’ve developed dozens of custom plug-ins! To name a few, we develop MassiveLock, MassiveQuest, and MassiveChat.

MassiveQuest allows us to create automated events or intricate storylines in which our players can travel the world doing good deeds while making money in the meantime.

MassiveChat separates our chat channels so that our channels stay on-topic and our players have individually customizable levels of communication between friends, strangers, and even foes. These plugins will be sure to make your experience here on MassiveCraft the most comfortable & enjoyable it can be!


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