The MassiveCraft Sieges plugin is a powerful tool that brings the thrill of epic battles and sieges to the world of Minecraft on the MassiveCraft server. With its advanced mechanics and engaging gameplay, the Sieges plugin revolutionizes faction warfare, allowing players to engage in large-scale conflicts and strategic sieges like never before.


Sieges enables Kingdoms to participate in, you guessed it, sieges! Setting rival Kingdoms and Factions to enemies allows you to fight them on the battlefield in a special zone. Over a three day period, participants take part in clashes. Anyone participating in these clashes is siege flagged, meaning they don’t have access to certain commands during an ongoing siege. And during an active clash, kills on players under the siege flag count towards the overall clash and siege score.


  • Siege Warfare

    Experience intense battles as factions clash in epic sieges. Lay siege to enemy territory, conquer their factions, and make them your own.

  • Siege Events and Objectives

    Engage in dynamic siege events and objectives that encourage cooperative gameplay. Coordinate with your faction members to achieve common goals, secure valuable rewards, and strengthen your faction’s position.

  • Tactical Gameplay

    Embrace the art of strategy as you plan your sieges, coordinate attacks, and outwit your opponents. Develop unique tactics, exploit weaknesses in enemy defenses, and adapt to changing battlefield conditions to gain the upper hand.


/si ?,h,help [page=1]
/si cancel manage siege cancellations
/si clash manage siege clashes
/si config,config edit config
/si confirm [kingdom=you] confirm a siege
/si cooldown manage faction siege cooldowns
/si edit edit attributes of an active siege
/si flag manage siege flags
/si forfeit forfeit a siege
/si here,lay [kingdom=you] lay siege to a faction
/si herecancel [kingdom=you] cancel a siege proposal
/si history,archive show siege history
/si l,list [page=1] list active sieges
/si lock,conquer manage siege lock
/si preferences,pref manage sieges preferences
/si refresh refresh all participants within a siege
/si show [specifier=none] [show kills=false] [page=1] show a siege
/si spoils manage siege spoils
/si version,version display plugin version
/si visualize [on|off=toggle] show siege proposal particles


Player Guide

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