Table of Contents


Q: What’s the IP?

Q: What clients can I join with?
A: Java clients 1.19.4 through 1.20.6.

Q: Does this server have Bedrock support?
A: No. MassiveCraft does not support joining with Bedrock clients.

Q: Is there a custom resource pack?
A: Download or use /rpack in-game to get our custom pack!

Q: How do I use / make custom item models?
A: Rename an item on an anvil or with /name if you’re Premium. Use the list on the resource pack page for reference!

Q: How do I get help from staff?
A: Make a ticket in our Discord by direct messaging the Ticket Bot, contact staff in-game using /ti create, or use the help channel.

Q: What commands are there?
A: You can see all of our commands here.


Q: Where do I find skins?
A: MassiveLooks! We have a public tag on PlanetMinecraft where our community posts free-to-use skins.


Q: Where is the dynmap?
A: Here.

Q: What’s PvP like?
A: We use 1.8 style PvP.


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