Discord Rules

If you are still unsure whether something is against the rules, ask a staff member. If you need additional assistance on the server, consider opening a ticket in our Discord.

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Discord Rules

Respect your fellow player, and please adhere to the following rules.

  • Do not troll, flame, harass, or bully other players.
  • Do not use an offensive avatar or Discord nickname/username.
  • Do not reveal Real Life Information, especially home addresses.
  • Do not scam other players; here, on the forums, or in-game.
  • Do not cause drama in public channels. Divert your complaints or reports to the Forums.
  • Do not impersonate staff or pretend/allude to be staff in any way or form.
  • Do not engage in NSFW, obscene, political, religious, sensitive, or other inappropriate topics in public channels.
  • Do not advertise or discuss competing servers, or external services either in public or private Chat Channels. No Spam. No Self Promotion.
  • Do not post copyrighted, explicit or otherwise inappropriate material or provide links to it.
  • Do not swear excessively.
  • Do not tag people excessively.
  • Do not link to other Discords (of MassiveCraft factions or otherwise) in public channels.

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