The Factions plugin on the MassiveCraft Minecraft server revolutionizes the way players interact and compete in the realm of factions. It offers a dynamic and immersive gameplay experience centered around creating, managing, and expanding your own faction in a vast and ever-evolving world.


The MassiveCraft Factions plugin is a cornerstone of our Minecraft server, offering an immersive and dynamic gameplay experience for players seeking the thrill of faction-based warfare and strategic conquest. With this plugin, you have the power to forge alliances, build your own empire, and engage in epic battles for dominance. With extensive configuration options, the Factions plugin allows you to tailor the gameplay experience to suit your server’s unique vision. It seamlessly integrates with other MassiveCraft plugins, creating a unified ecosystem of features and enhancing the overall gameplay experience.

Embark on a journey of conquest, forge unbreakable bonds, and leave your mark on the world of MassiveCraft with the immersive and captivating Factions plugin. Unleash your strategic prowess, assemble your loyal faction, and rise to become the ultimate force in this thrilling world of factions and warfare.


  • Create and Manage Factions

    Form your own faction or join an existing one, establishing a stronghold to call your own. With a robust set of commands and features, you can effortlessly manage your faction, recruit members, set ranks, and establish territorial boundaries.

  • Strategic Warfare

    Engage in thrilling PvP combat and wage war against rival factions. Coordinate attacks, defend your base, and unleash devastating strategies to claim victory.

  • Dynamic Territory Control

    Dominate the land by claiming and defending territories. Expand your faction’s domain, gain valuable resources, and establish dominance over key strategic locations. Control of land grants you exclusive benefits and solidifies your faction’s position in the world.



/f ?,h,helpDisplays help information.
/f list,list,l [page=1] List all factions.
/f faction,f,show,who [faction=you] Show information about a faction.
/f player [player=you] Show a player's faction information.
/f join [player=you] Join a faction.
/f leave Leave faction.
/f home Teleport to a faction's home.
/f map [on/off=once]Show faction territory on a map.
/f create,new Create a new faction.
/f name [faction=you]Set faction's name.
/f description Change faction description.
/f motd Change the faction message of the day (MOTD).
/f sethome,sethome [faction=you] Set faction home.
/f unsethome [faction=you] Unset faction home.
/f inviteManage faction invites.
/f kick Kick a player from a faction.
/f title [title=none]Set players title within a faction.
/f rankManage and show ranks within a faction.
/f moneyManage faction money.
/f top [page=1] show faction top
/f seeChunk,sc [on|off=toggle] see the chunk you stand in
/f seeChunkOld,sco see the chunk you stand in
/f territorytitles,tt [on|off=toggle] toggle territory titles
/f status [page=1] [faction=you] [sort=time] show status
/f claim claim faction territory
/f unclaim unclaim faction territory
/f access manage access
/f relation manage faction relations
/f perm change faction permissions
/f flag manage faction flags
/f purge,purge [faction=you] kick a player if applicable remove access and remove permissions
/f unstuck teleport to nearest wilderness
/f expansions list expansions
/f tax Use FactionsTax
/f dynmap Use FactionsDynmap
/f admin,override [on|off=toggle] enable override mode
/f disband [confirmation=] [faction=you] disband faction
/f powerBoost manage powerboost
/f setpower,sp set power
/f config edit config
/f clean clean the factions database
/f version display plugin version

Using MassiveFactions

Requirements and Add-ons



2.2.2 → 2.7

REMEMBER: Better backup all your files first, just in case!

Upon starting the server the database structure will auto update and if you didn’t configure any universes you need not worry. After the update there will be some “mstore/old_factions:…” folders you may want to manually delete. In this version the “universe” system was removed. Very few people used this system since it had to be manually configured. Anyhow this means the database structure, such as config files, will be simplified. There will for example no longer be “uconf” files. You will only have one config file, the “mconf”. If you have configured universes you will have to decide which universe to keep by removing the database entries for all others. Sorry about this. Use BungeeCord and a server network if you need universes.

The config options “worldsNoClaiming”, “worldsNoPvp” have been reworked and now use a blacklist/whitelist system. Make sure you update those entries in your configuration file.

The faction “open state”, whether an invitation is required to join, has been converted to a faction flag. This means you do “/f flag open YOURFACTION true” instead of “/f open true”. The flags are now configurable in the database. You can set whether they should be editable, visible etc. Make sure you take a look at those and configure them to your liking.

The removePlayerDataAfterInactiveDays configuration option has been reworked. Make sure you configure the new system to your liking.

2.2.0 → 2.2.2

You should manually remove the folder /plugin/factions. The config options in there have been moved to the “/mstore/factions_mconf/instance.json”.

2.1.0 → 2.2.0

If you edited any of these mconf options …


… you will have to edit them again since they were reset and renamed to:

  • materialsEditOnInteract
  • materialsEditTools
  • materialsDoor
  • materialsContainer
  • entityTypesMonsters

2.0.x → 2.1.0

Offline explosion protection were added in per default for all Factions in this update. As a side effect the special factions Wilderness, WarZone and SafeZone will get that default value if you are updating. You should manually set offline explosions to false for these special factions otherwise explosions will not work properly there. Run these commands:

  1. /f flag wilderness offlineexplosions true
  2. /f flag safezone offlineexplosions true
  3. /f flag warzone offlineexplosions true

1.8.x → 2.0.x

Factions now depend on MassiveCore. Make sure to install that plugin as well.

The database will be migrated to use the MassiveCore database system. All previous factions and players will be put into the “default” universe. If you configured your own MassiveCore universes you may have to manually move some database files around.

All land for the factions SafeZone and WarZone will be unclaimed when you update. You must manually reclaim it.

  1. Make manual notes of the places where you claimed SafeZone and WarZone.
  2. Stop the server.
  3. Make sure you have Java 7 installed.
  4. Upload the new Factions.jar.
  5. Upload MassiveCore.jar.
  6. Start the server.
  7. Reclaim the SafeZone and WarZone territories.
  8. Backup and delete /plugins/Factions/board.json.migrated.
  9. Backup and delete /plugins/Factions/factions.json.migrated.
  10. Backup and delete /plugins/Factions/players.json.migrated.
  11. Delete /plugins/Factions/tags.json.

1.6.x → 2.0.x

Update to 1.8.x first and then to 2.0.x.

1.6.x → 1.8.x

Factions 1.6 is quite old now. There is no recorded process for updating from Faction 1.6 to newer versions.


Player Guide

Not sure where to start as a player? We’re here to help!