MassiveShop is a unique plugin, developed by us here at MassiveCraft.The plugin provides a shop that hands out rewards. Thanks to this automation server owners can make sure their users will get their rewards immediately, as opposed to having to wait for a human to hand out the reward.


  • /shop g,gui [page=1] [category=all] list products in GUI
  • /shop l,list [page=1] [category=all] list products
  • /shop s,show <product> show product
  • /shop p,player [page=1] [player=you] show player
  • /shop r,receipt <transaction> show receipt
  • /shop t,top [page=1] [month=all] list top donors
  • /shop v,version display plugin version

Note: You can use /s instead of /shop.

Shop Signs

Anyone can create shop signs. These signs simply execute one of the commands. Type “[Shop]” on the first row. On the lines below you type the rest of the command. This sign would for example open up the shop GUI:

  • [Shop]
  • gui