MassiveTraits is a unique plugin available only on MassiveCraft. It allows you to customize your character by adding traits of your choice that suit your play style. There are over a billion possible character builds.

You have 150 trait points and 10 trait slots to spend.

Each trait occupies 1 slot, meaning you can have 10 different traits. The traits do however have different point values. There are both positive and negative traits. By adding a negative trait you gain some extra points at the cost of giving your character a weakness.

Negative traits are the only ways to get more points.


  • /trait i,inspect [player=you] inspect a player
  • /trait s,show <trait> show trait info
  • /trait l,list [page=1] [search=*all*] list traits
  • /trait a,add <traits> add traits
  • /trait r,remove <traits|all> remove traits
  • /trait set <traits> set traits (remove all and then add)
  • /trait u,use <trait> [active=on|off] use or toggle trait
  • /trait v,version display plugin version

Note: You can use /t instead of /trait.


  1. Use /t to view all sub commands.
  2. Use /t i to see your current trait build.
  3. Use /t s nightvision to show info on the nightvision trait.
  4. Avoid damage for 5 minutes and stand still for 30 seconds. (unlocks /t a and /t r)
  5. Use /t r all to remove all your current traits.
  6. Use /t a nightvision to add the nightvision trait.
  7. Use /t a jump to add the jump trait.
  8. Use /t i again to see your new build.
  9. Use /t u nightvision to toggle nightvision off. (can be done without avoiding damage for 5 minutes and standing still for 30 seconds)
  10. Use /t u nightvision to toggle nightvision on again.
  11. Use /t l to show the first trait list page.
  12. Use /t l 2 to show the second trait list page.

The Traits

Full List

Hover your mouse over each trait for detailed information.



Holy and Unholy


The Unholy trait represents the temptation and power of the dark side. Picking this trait is an easy way to get some extra points without any immediate negative effects.

The Holy trait is however a very strong counter to the Unholy trait. The Holy deal +50% damage and take -50% damage from the Unholy. On top of that the Holy can craft holy water (just put a bottle of water into a workbench).

Holy water is a special splash potion with a radius of 10 blocks. When someone Unholy is affected by holy water their health and food immediately drops to 50% of the current value. Holy water can also be used as a way of detecting who is Holy and Unholy. The Holy emit white smoke and the Unholy emit dark smoke when affected by holy water.

Weapon Strength and Weakness


These traits modify damage dealt and taken for the the weapon types Archery, Sword, Axe and Unarmed.

  • Expert: Deal +25% damage
  • Resistant: Take -25% damage
  • Inept: Deal -25% damage
  • Vulnerable: Take +25% damage

Permanent Effects


These traits will grant you a permanent (potion) effect. Absorption refreshes every 30 seconds.



FireBall is activated using either “/trait use fireball” or left clicking while holding a fire charge. It consumes one fire charge on use and has a 2 second cooldown. Those within 5.0 blocks of the impact point are ignited for 10 seconds and take 10.0 hearts of instant fire damage. Does not set blocks on fire.

Strike and Revenge


The Strike and Revenge traits have a 5% mele chance and a 33% ranged chance of triggering an effect in combat. Strike traits may trigger when you damage an enemy. Revenge traits may trigger when an enemy damages you.

  • Feed: You gain maximum food level at once.
  • Fire: Enemy catches fire for 10 seconds.
  • Hunger: Enemy hungers for 10 seconds.
  • Nausea: Enemy is confused for 10 seconds.
  • Steal: You steal 1 Regal from you enemy.
  • Armorpen: Enemy gets negative resistance effect for 10 seconds.
  • Harm: Enemy takes 2 hearts of damage.
  • Heal: You regain 2 hearts of health.
  • Slow: Enemy is lowed for 10 seconds.
  • Poison: Enemy is poisoned for 10 seconds.
  • Starve: Enemy looses 4 drumsticks of foodlevel.
  • Wither: Enemy withers for 10 seconds.
  • Blindness: Enemy is blinded for 5 seconds.
  • Stun: Enemy is stunned (extreme slow) for 3 seconds.
  • Weakness: Enemy is weakened for 5 seconds.



100% immunity to …

  • ArmorpenImmune: ArmorpenStrike and ArmorpenRevenge.
  • HarmImmune: Thorns Enchantment, HarmStrike and HarmRevenge.
  • HungerImmune: HungerStrike, HungerRevenge, and all Hunger effects.
  • NauseaImmune: NauseaStrike, NauseaRevenge, and all Nausea/Confusion effects.
  • StarveImmune: StarveStrike and StarveRevenge.
  • FallImmune: damage taken from falling.
  • StealImmune: StealStrike and StealRevenge.
  • WeaknessImmune: WeaknessStrike, WeaknessRevenge, and all Weakness effects.
  • WitherImmune: WitherStrike, WitherRevenge, and all Wither effects.
  • FireImmune: Fire and Lava.
  • PoisonImmune: PoisonStrike, PoisonRevenge, and all Poison effects.
  • BlindnessImmune: BlindStrike, BlindRevenge, and all Blind effects.
  • SlowImmune: SlowStrike, SlowRevenge, StunStrike, StunRevenge and all Slow effects.


  • WaterDrinker: Gain 3 drumsticks of food level when drinking a water bottle.
  • StoneEater: Gain food level when breaking stone by hand.
  • Carnivore: Only meat based food and cake restores food level.
  • Herbivore: Only herb based food and cake restores food level.
  • Nonivore: Eating food does not restore food level.

Note: If you add Nonivore you will need to add StoneEater or one of the passive feed traits below.



These traits offer creative flight mode during certain conditions.

  • FlyLava: In contact with Lava
  • FlyWater: In contact with Water
  • FlyWeb: In contact with Web/Cobweb/Spiderweb

Passive Feed, Starve, Heal and Harm


These traits will slowly modify your health or food level during certain conditions.


  • Feed: Restore Food Level
  • Starve: Loose Food Level
  • Heal: Restore Health
  • Harm: Loose Health


  • Lava: In contact with lava.
  • Sunlight: During daytime. Under open sky. Not standing in rain.
  • Vegetation: At least 3 vegetation blocks within 5 block radius.
  • Water: In contact with water or standing in rain.
  • Light: Light level at least 13.
  • Darkness: Light level at most 5.
  • Meditation: Stood still for at least 10 seconds.
  • Always: * no requirements *



With a truce trait you will not be attacked by those hostile mobs unless you attack first. If you attack the truce is broken for 30 seconds.

  • SilmeTruce: Slimes and Magma Cubes
  • BlazeTruce: Blazes
  • SilverfishTruce: Silverfishes
  • SpiderTruce: Spiders and Cave Spiders
  • UndeadTruce: Zombies, Skeletons and Wither Skeletons
  • CreeperTruce: Creepers
  • GhastTruce: Ghasts
  • WitchTruce: Witches



The special

[Traits] sign is used for trait build presets. Right click the sign to set the traits. Right clicking the example above would be the same thing as running “/t set Unholy Carnivore Growl NightVision Speed Jump”.

Anyone can create a [Traits] sign. If you do it right the text at the top between the square brackets will turn green. You can add extra signs below with more traits.